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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Satguru x Nisargadatta

It’s as good as any definition of ‘I am’ out there: the subtle body identifying with reflected consciousness.

The identification of the subtle body with reflected consciousness (aka I am) is primordial, before sentient thinking, and thus intuitive in any contact.

In this refraction, the subtle body becomes the mind (with its memory and processing functions). Its primordial identification with reflected consciousness (I am) becomes ego (in essence, thought). And the reflection of consciousness itself becomes intelligence.

Another name for intelligence is the satguru. Listen.

The primordial ‘I am’ is translated into thought as the complex ‘I am this’. Follow the simple thought ‘I am’ into the primordial ‘I am’, intuitively.

Wait for the fog (maya) of reflected consciousness to lift. Prajnanam Brahma! I am That.

Saturday, February 4, 2023

N’s 'I Am' Method of Self-inquiry

N’s method of self-inquiry avoids the nihilstic perils of deconstruction in all its various vivekas by emphasizing the ‘I am.’

This ‘I am’ is reflected consciousness, and thus, reflected existence. This is the moon to which N is pointing.

After your karmic voyage of personal deconstruction upon imaginary seas of namarupa.

N says land upon this everpresent natural satcitananda first. Feel the primordial full moon power of cicchaya!

The light of self-shining consciousness will be here presently.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

the genius of N. is threefold

this reflection of consciousness is talking to this reflection of consciousness

lovingly disidentify with this fog of personality and rest in your subjective existence

this reflection of consciousness is pure consciousness by the way

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Nisargadatta Naturally

Another name for pure consciousness is awareness. Awareness is the witness.

Another name for the reflection of awareness is consciousness. Consciousness is the watcher.

Another name for ahankara is I am. Aham Brahmasmi is I Am That.