Wednesday, July 14, 2021

To the Power of Three

The absolute that can be named is not the absolute.

These trinities of names we give the absolute are certainly not names but primary negations.

Like unity of being means something like the undeniable presence of nonduality.

And awareness in consciousness means something similar to being not unaware.

For the beatitude of bliss is not without a certain energetic quality.

It’s like the absolute is the parent as in the absolute has no parent.

Or the absolute is the child as in no child is not of the absolute.

Whereas the absolute is the holy spirit as in fill in the next antithesis.


tao and the zen of tao

divine imagination and olympian deconstruction go hand in hand

In deep sleep is the absence of duality but in awakening is the presence of non-duality etc. etc. etc. see attached.

self-awareness is my meaning of life. comment vous appalez-vous?

"It is because I am Beat, I believe in Beatitude and that God so loved the world..."

which came first? form or consciousness. actually, there's no question.

self-awareness appears in the absolute's consciousness. that is all.

so who really owns netinetidotnet?

1. life is a dream. literally.

2. if 1, then who's sleeping?

3. awareness. self-awareness. consciousness. dream. consciousness. self-awareness. awareness.

3a. awareness. self-awareness. consciousness. the 2021 mind-games.

3b. deconstruction is like consciousness recovering its mind.

3c. awakening is self-awareness.

3d. there are states of deconstruction. there are glimpses of self-awareness.

in awareness, this appears. now appearing, that.

myths are convenient fictions which religions turn to nonfiction

what is karma but dna?

what is samsara but social conditioning?

who awakens?

first, nirguna brahman does not sleep.

secondly, all dreams appear in deep sleep. deep sleep appears in consciousness.

this is my current heresy.

the world is actually

a secondary state of dreaming. 

the primary dreaming,

or midnight dreaming so to speak,

is materializing this world.

memory cannot dream, my rabbit.

only dreams manifest

dream (and emptiness)

appears in consciousness.

manifestation does not dream!

basho's frog


no sound.

consciousness is dreaming. memory doesn't dream.

consciousness is sleeping. deep sleep is dreaming. dreaming is materializing.

people do not dream. the dream populates.

being falls asleep and dreams. the dream is all about well-being.

awareness, self-awareness (consciousness, deep sleep, dream, the world, deconstruction, awakening, consciousness) self-awareness, awareness

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