Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Ode to April Second

Being plus belief equals emotion and emotion is the thorn for that belief. For fear and sadness are emotions but so is happiness and desire. But joyous love is that without belief!

Likewise amplified consciousness appears to be a product of the body-mind. Call this, I Am. But resting there, the I is suddenly absolute.

Thus divine imagination is one-half mindfulness and one-half lucid dreaming and one-half meditation.

And as for so-called karma, it's just intentional. There is no individual doing in a universe but the universe. Simple mindfulness tells me so.

And lucid dreaming is to divine imagination as night to day. Further, meditation is returning to my absolute point of view and not something I can do.

O April is the holy trinity of memory, desire, and illusion. Like Cynthia Forsythia!

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