Saturday, April 20, 2019

Cherry Blossom Space-time

As preface, without a doubt of any thought, the nonduality of known and unknown is self-evident. As monotheism is to atheism as polytheism is to pantheism as nonduality is not a thought of any theism, no-mind is the mind without belief.

Thought is like the tool of self-awareness but attachment to a thought is like just waiting for some horrible industrial accident and the suffering which follows. Introducing mind-training—surrender isn't what it's really called for that's a very worldly word, love.

In dreaming, there's lucidity and conditioning of clouds. There's mirror and dust on the mirror. But I am not the mirror. I make the mirror of material forgetting and evolutionary self-remembering. For the universe is another name for the play of self-awareness.

Reflexive not reflective, my Narcissus, as is reflexive to reflective as is one to two as nonduality is to causeless goldfinches of Northern New England is beginning just north of the Merrimack. Right here, right now, cherry blossoms are blossoming—

cherry blossoms like this easter cross of tao in space-time, as the past and future, here and now, appearing, like this tall old cherry tree of salisbury point and its diminishing fireworks of early spring, cherry blossoms are perennial in consciousness but annual in thinking

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