Monday, December 18, 2017

The Concentrated Tantra of Luminous Dreaming


Manifestation is the deepest deconstruction in awakening as contemplative meditation is the deepest sleep of absolution.

I am manifesting this world now to remind myself I’m not the mirror of the mind but pure awareness as reflecting in this being only.

Manifestation is not an error nor is it evil, as failure to learn is also neither. Just teach your parents better in the next light of day.

John Keats beautifully says, beauty is truth. Truth, beauty. But here and now I say this art of manifesting is the law of self-inquiry—

one calls it negative capability or says it's positive deconstruction. Luminous dreaming works in mysterious ways.


Projection is the world. Manifestation is my self. Projection is obscure. Manifestation, lucid. Projection tries to teach the ignorant but manifestation reflects the wise.


Bliss is the default mode of universal consciousness. It's really nothing special. Unless one has been conditioned to think otherwise. Bliss misunderstood is pain and suffering and all kinds of stress.

Self-awareness is the source of bliss as pure awareness is the ground. Bliss is the ground loop between awareness and self-awareness. Being. Consciousness. Love. Etc.

One in a million is a teacher. The rest is just a puzzle to be deconstructed. After projection is prophecy. Before self-awareness is lucid dreaming—"al shal be wel, and al shal be wel, and al manner of thyng shal be wele."


All the world's a past like intent's desire leaving the world in its wake.

No mind is not no love unless no mind is just all mind.

Some like to keep the world around them sparse because the past is such a nightmare.

Some like to keep the world around them half because of love and wisdom.

In other words, denial still is in the world. Imagination is out of this world.


All hail the great and powerful cause. Belief is everything but love is something else. And severe renunciation is the zen of zen if zen is everything and zen is never something else.

Kissing the projection makes it manifestly mine. Self-awareness takes an evolutionary and reflexive universe according to Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Arthur M. Young. Respect the process.

Turning projection into manifestation is just a matter of imagination. Go ahead. Squeeze the shaman. No thoughts, no prayers, no renunciation. No doing. Just intent's desire and a little imagination will do.


Absolute awareness. Intent. Being. Body-mind. Ego and other as the world. After the projection is the revelator. Self-awareness.

Embodiment is like manifesting self-awareness. Imagine self-awareness three times.

Footnote. Embodiment is not embodiment of the body-mind but embodiment of the universal—

both universal consciousness and its manifestation as the universe. Point a finger. Make a moon.

One learns from the world. Self-awareness makes the world. It all depends upon which side of the mirror I’m looking at or being through.

Projection is like owning a home but renting the world. Baby steps goes the teacher. I make the universe. Who needs to own?


First, the mind divides universal consciousness into the universe and then attempts to find the mathematical equations for how it did so as if it's something other than its violence in reverse.

Thus science is nothing more than reverse engineering.

Kiss projection. Embody the manifestation. Wait for absolute Godot. The chorus sings.

Zhuangzi says there's no good without the bad. The way to nirvana is samsara says the Diamond Sutra. Christ is dying for my sins the Desert Fathers and Desert Mothers say. For every conceptual birth there is conceptual death. Or cherry blossoms.

Love is the light between division. Light is before the thunder and after the unknown. I am the unknown. Here's what I love. Voila!


It's like there was a house but now I see it only in my dreams with walls to walk through and everything is coming up self-awareness.

In this floating world, I'm not a person but people swim within me, for every yang there is a yin and every tower there's a fault—

for samsara is actively nirvana, depending on one's point of view, that is, imagination.

As Newtonian physics answers to quantum mechanics, quantum mechanics answers to intense desire, like William Blake’s Jerusalem.


I thought I was an actor! But now I know I'm just the audience, producer, and director.

Every picture tells a story. Dreaming is becoming a reality. Cutting down an apple orchard takes forever. Eating an apple is returning to forever.

There's nothing wrong with the world a little love can't cure because love knows there's nothing wrong with the world.

S/he not going further is misunderstanding.

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