Saturday, November 4, 2017

First Tantra of Manifestation

One of the benefits of a leafless season starting in November is the woods across the way empty—and thru lucidity the river sparkles! Part one.

The sirens of the world enticing me with all their advantageous knowledge in exchange for unavailing love and wisdom—

they promise wealth or possibly world peace, whatever floats your boat. For war and peace is equally delusional.

Awakening of deconstruction is the only worthwhile wealth of mind. Only resting in that meditative and contemplative sky of absolution is

there tranquility of silence. Opposite, pacifists and warriors create the yin and yang of such duality.

This is actually the dance of Maya called Samsara—don’t be fooled again says Who. Part two.

I remind myself there's just myself again and again and again. This is called versification. 

And in the world of temporality, tonight is the longest night. And full frost moon to boot!

O November night as daylight savings time is deconstructed and the meta-paradigm of a scientific and material world 

is dropped for one sacred hour, science is conceptual only, as economics is material only, and both are but appearances 

in Consciousness only. I cannot emphasize this fact enough. Consciousness is the only knowledge known.

What passes for knowledge in the world is knowledge of the world. That is the joke behind every koan.

Do not ask what is the meaning of life. Ask what is the grass? For Joshu answers dogshit! Part three.

Yes, no view on views, but on this longest night with full frost moon, what about a revelation?

Manifestation is the deepest deconstruction in awakening as contemplative meditation is the deepest sleep of absolution.

Part four.

I am manifesting this world now to remind myself I’m not the mirror of the mind but pure awareness as reflecting in this being only.

Call this Alice Through the Looking Glass or The Platform Sutra. I call it Consciousness Only. I am that I am.

Manifestation is not an error nor is it evil, as failure to learn is also neither. Just teach your parents better in the next light of day.

Part five.

Listen. Fake worlds have real news. William Carlos Williams calls it poetry. William Blake calls it prophecy. Christ calls it tantra, love.

John Keats beautifully says, beauty is truth. Truth, beauty. But here and now I say this art of manifesting is the law of self-inquiry—

one calls it negative capability or says it's positive deconstruction. Lucid dreaming works in mysterious ways.

Part seven.

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