Thursday, December 14, 2017

Ode to S/he (secret ninth)

Koan is sword and love is like a koan.

There is no birth nor individual but every baby is the universal satguru.

Pure awareness being self-aware is the absolute in three. Non-duality is neither one nor zero; it's love and wisdom.

I thought I was an actor! But now I know I'm just the audience, producer, and director.

Every picture tells a story. Dreaming is becoming a reality. Cutting down an apple orchard takes forever. Eating an apple is returning to forever.

There's nothing wrong with the world a little love can't cure because love knows there's nothing wrong with the world.

This is called the mother and child reunion. It's only a kiss away.

Pure awareness is self-awareness. Between the two is one.

S/he not going further is misunderstanding.

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