Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sixth Tantra. Christmas at Eleven.

Absolute awareness. Intent. Being. Body-mind. Ego and other as the world. After the projection is the revelator. Self-awareness.

Embodiment is like manifesting self-awareness. Imagine self-awareness three times.

Science is fiction but fantasy is as real as it gets before and after absolution. In other words, I am.

Footnote. Embodiment is not embodiment of the body-mind but embodiment of the universal—

both universal consciousness and its manifestation as the universe. Point a finger. Make a moon.

The difference between projection and manifestation is viewers like me and you and an artist like my self.

One learns from the world. Self-awareness makes the world. It all depends upon which side of the mirror I’m looking at or being through.

Projection is like owning a home but renting the world. Baby steps goes the teacher. I make the universe. Who needs to own?

Every wild projection is bested by an ace of hearts. Or a fifth of being. Or Jane of the absolute.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn manifestly self-aware. Like out of nowhere, Santa Claus!

If sex divides and love unites, what are you looking at? Don't believe in the kingdom of heaven. Be s/he.

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