Friday, December 1, 2017

Tantra Number Five in Seeing Through

belief is everything but love is something else
All hail the great and powerful cause. Belief is everything but love is something else. And severe renunciation is the zen of zen if zen is everything and zen is never something else.

it's like self-remembering
This Tantra says to kiss the idiot or is that Arthur Miller in After the Fall. It's like self-remembering except self is not a memory so there is no question of remembering. Gurdjieff was quite the trickster.

kissing the projection makes it manifestly mine
Kissing the projection makes it manifestly mine. Self-awareness takes an evolutionary and reflexive universe according to Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Arthur M. Young. Respect the process.

squeeze the shaman
Turning projection into manifestation is just a matter of imagination. Go ahead. Squeeze the shaman. No thoughts, no prayers, no renunciation. No doing. Just intent's desire and a little imagination will do.

jesus is all my imagination
And Jesus didn't die for my sins because Jesus never dies. Plus there is no sin. Jesus is all my imagination. Thus Jesus dies so I can see through sin, belief, samsara, hell, whatever name of not nirvana, heaven, paradise

ninety-nine parts attention

love and wisdom, self-aware absolute self I name. Imagination is ninety-nine parts attention to the emptiness of transformation like a headless head aware. And one part dreaming lucidly.

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