Monday, February 6, 2017

The City on the Hill of Synchronicity

Synchronicity is always happening.
What isn't synchronicity is illusion.
Synchronicity is not of this continuum.

Synchronicity isn't seasonal but a rose is
synchronicity synchronicity synchronicity.
Winter is annual but each snowflake is perennial.
Synchronicity is neither one nor zero—
in such binary totality, it's more like three.

When synchronicity is happening, Let It Be.
Follow oneself joyously in the evolutionary
synchronicity of thou and three.
In other words, enlightening intent appears
as synchronicity in this space-time continuum.

Between love and wisdom, synchronicity.
Between the highest peak and deepest sea,
Between non-duality, synchronicity.

But synchronicity is never in-between.
Something there is that doesn't love a wall is synchronicity.
Jesus, every single baby is the sign of synchronicity.

Being before the naming is synchronicity.
And deconstructing mega-paradigms is synchronicity,                        .
for the child is the mother of synchronicity.

Synchronicity is always happening somewhere in a dream near you.
When you're sleeping, synchronicity sings the blues.
When awake synchronicity is wow.

Synchronicity is not a scientific theory. It's a fact.
The immaculate synchronicity.
Synchronicity is sometimes named Tom Brady.

Dreaming nirvana begins with the smallest synchronicity called kensho.
Lucid dreaming is the greatest art of synchronicity.
As understanding approaches the speed of manifestation,
synchronicity will happen.

Synchronicity is never a lost art.
One play at a time is synchronicity.
Cherry blossoms, Fourth of July, Autumn leaves, absolution.

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