Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Another Saturday Night Fantasia

Go further like Arjuna. Let further go always undefined. Like dreamtime hiking in the whites.

Attachment to love is the root of all addiction. The only knowledge is in knowing the unknown. Listen, karma is like DNA on steroids.

Self-inquiry is a risky business. Sleep just wants to sleep. But never underestimate a two-year-old entangled in a why.

Flunk like a monk. Shakespeare is for monkeys. As you shed beliefs, never gather new ones.

Self-inquiry is like climbing the original face but much more realistic. Self-awareness makes an appearance. Just like orange sunshine.

Innocent awareness. Red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet. There’s 16.8 million colors and counting.

Death assumes birth but never assume. Death is just another concept. I only know I am.

The Tao appears as caterpillar or the butterfly. Science is or isn’t. Chrysalis and further.

Act one’s truth. They say that lucid dreaming is for losers. But losing is conditioned dreaming.

Self-awareness is the only risk worth taking. And every risk is furthering self-awareness. But the risk is never remembered.

Everything leads to a precipice. To be or of the world. So let’s talk about the world.

First is this conditioning. Next is revolution like original transformation. Three is magic.

Despite it all, I am conditioned to be a slice of self-awareness.

Awareness is the one true god and self-awareness is the child of god. Amen.

Suddenly wind and rain.

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