Friday, March 17, 2017

A Recipe for Enlightenment

Like absolution of an open space accepting being back into its fold.
Like the mouth of a thirteen billion year old snake
swallowing its long-awaited epilogue.
Like pure awareness clearing self-awareness
like an early arctic front refining a boreal climax forest clarity.
Ours not to do or die. Ours but to rest in self-awareness.
Listen to the red-winged blackbirds
but don't believe a note of what they sing.
As to the world, the sun thinks not but loves all.
Sing in the north, return to the southern self. This is my religion.
Be yourself and don't impersonate some other.
Make no new fears
but follow that holy mass in mass intent of burning love.
Dreaming makes all the difference in this world
like the loving ouroboric acid of this lucid dream.
Life is the mystery I am.
Silence tells my story.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sweet Jesus

Love is universal but the personal doesn't know that—
blue eyes crying like the sea.
Daughters giving birth to daughters,
Venus emerging ever from the waves,
love is the chrysalis of self-awareness.
Evolutionary enlightening intent smells like this holy spirit—
play that absolute music white boy black girl.
This self-awareness in the name of pure
awareness wants to take you higher.
Love may be patient and kind but love is not a thought.
Love is like I am before I know I am.
That being is this whispering of sweet nothings
between the god of pure awareness
and the goddess self-awareness.

first dream best dream

the only
cure is enlightenment
the only
disease is delusion
it's just

esoteric incantation


All bodies may be separate but there's one thing that i know—every voice is my voice.

In the beginning was the word and all you need is love and love is all you need.

Duality is dumb and dumber—keep on the sunny side and we'll be lovers once again.

It's like marketing is the greatest of dead ends but the grateful dead is always word of mouth

like knock knock knocking on that gateless gate.

All i have to do is dream dream dream dream.

My head is just this cosmic vision and my tail is just its universal feeling.

In this song, pure awareness has become that being like a mirror is an object for my growing self-awareness now

as if awareness being self-aware is binary as being one is knowing zero and vice versa.

Suffering is the school of my illusion.

Deconstructing one's conditioning is my so-called life.

Lucid dreaming is my understanding and nirvikalpi samadhi is the death of me.


between basho and shakespeare is another world

soap opera

where is ouroboros

seventh heaven


meanwhile project projection  

when the student is ready
the teacher appears
to say there's no
one to teach
but my

opening gone now one

red-winged blackbirds      

springtime snow

like daylight savings space-time

blank page

the word i am  

mystery of the chrysalis

instant hurricane         


seven stages is the world

unknown light in quantum post-atomic
living in molecular
organic animated self-awareness

Friday, March 10, 2017

boots and reboots

wood smoke on a winter morning dawn
maple syrup whole wheat waffles
the cold shower of wisdom
the warmth of the sun
don't think twice
love is all you need
in silence is awareness
self-awareness is at the heart of things
beyond yin and yang is the tao beyond

rose-colored dawn
wine dark sea
black hole
big bang
not binary
the holy trinity
four directions

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

satori on the merrimack

inscription. all the world's fake news
and all the men and women merely phonies.

foreword. lucidly dream as if one is manifestly
universal consciousness and not the individual person

one is conditioned to think one is—
like an open head engorging its intuitive tale.

introduction. visionary declensions:
lucid, crystalline, bright, and incandescent.

if she dances, it's true.
fission is a vision but fusion is disillusion.

chapter one. note to self: act as if i am what i know i am
rather than what i think i am. embodying the ouroboric

in the form of a being. and in this revelation,
the old day is the new night.

chapter two. this is the old deep math:
the process is in seven steps per the law of three

where eight is infinite
and two is an unreal number.

the snake that swallows its tail, the holy spirit,
the holy ghost, and a deep transformative image.

when a falling angel goes to grab your arm,
don't turn it sideways so she falls into the sea.

chapter three. never mind
and a monkey’s tail.

embodiment in spirit
disembodied ghost.

consciousness is the dreaming
in deep images.

chapter four. while walking along the river on march eighth,
the sun suddenly feels real.

but at that moment a fifty-year-old memory of half moon lake
suddenly arises and like i'm real real gone.

this i know must be that so-called profound revelation,

seeing the essential, first stage samadhi,
or satori on the merrimack.

afterword. between the subtle moments
besides a mountain pond

and the sudden sea,
it takes a river.

Nisargadatta calls it I Am.
don’t try to follow—

it will take you in
to the beyond.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Once and Future Mythology

Nature is the once and future mythology.
Between awareness and self-awareness is this big bang—
spontaneous, transformative, and unreal.
A Whitmanesque variety of things will come to mind
in the Basho minute of a cherry blossom.

It is said there is a spring beyond the ordinary seasons.
There is no name for such a bliss but being is a wise denomination.
It is the gate to gatelessness or so to speak.
The infinite cosmic vortex is spontaneously open,
absent, unified and much like this lucid dreaming.

For it is sung every song sings about the unsung being self-aware.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The news

I read the news today and everything is wild.
It's like some gateless Watergate.
The past repeats itself because
It's better now than late.

Climate change or altered consciousness is the call.
A Navajo woman once told me her people just follow the climate
No matter where it leads them.
The Tao is all about being one with transformation too.

It's all a reality show when you think the show is all about reality.
All is in the eyes of pure awareness dreaming.
It only takes a thought to kill eternity.
Without a doubt, all is unborn and undying.

I am the light and you are my projection.
Let's not make it personal.
The loving holy spirit of intentional self-awareness is in your DNA.
The material is parasitical but awareness is self-aware.

Dreaming or deep sleep is just another call.
We are approaching that which is lost during translation.
Being, presence, self-awareness, love, life, universal consciousness, this
Simple knowledge of the great unknown.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

rose the deconstructed sonnet

nonduality is love not thought
love is light not shadow
light is unknown not known
the unknown is nonduality not two
don't overthink being
don't make being into this great religion or some other thing
although it's true that being is the only way to know the light
one is always being despite what one thinks
you see the rose; you can't see the light
awareness has to be before being self-aware
as if god is pure awareness and the child of god is being
white black green
green blue yellow
red red red

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Great Blue Devotional Beyond


To love awareness is self-awareness and self-awareness is
the apocalyptic revelation of awareness.

For being is the only love and being is the only knowledge
and being is the only universe of self-awareness.

Accordingly to love awareness is to know awareness
and to know awareness is to be awareness
and to be awareness is this self-awareness, love.


Listen, conditioning is the canvas
one is purchasing with deconstruction—
the dreaming is the painting is the art of self-awareness.

Buddha may have said it better in the sutras
but no one reads them for the stories anymore.

Yesterday I heard the red-winged blackbirds first
and then I saw them saying soon I’ll hear the peepers in the wetlands—
being being being


Of all the space-time
in all being
in Awareness,
she walks into mine—

open eyes of an infant,
fantasies of seven billion people,
deep sleep of the light fantastic.

To reiterate, an early morning pond,
Blue Ridge Mountains
and a country love song.