Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Concerto in Be and Symphony in See

if the self suffers as Self abides 
and there is no self but Self 
then being is the middleman 

Universal meditation like a wave intuiting the sea like trees embracing light like consciousness reflecting awareness. Sounding Hiawatha by the rapid waters of four corners. 

After hydrogen appears the big illusion. Self-inquiry reveals the liberating sudden emptiness of answering.

may you see
you may dream
like a long gone
Buddha in love

as if from Colorado
Springs it's either
Pike's Peak or
Garden of the Gods

as a recluse
on Cold Mountain
while diving into
grapevine pond
each Sunday

Hallelujah Cathedral of our Mother! Every moment is as it was and as it should be. Unborn sudden free one.

transformation procreation
technology or deconstruction
one and none

Listen. the kiss of quantum whispers is always in the air.

when one's awakening
becomes quicker than
prior mind will process
please to follow love

Whatever this lifetime brings to the table is always being served.

London Calling
prophecy full moon

Blessed is the one who questions oneself. It's not easy being postmodern.

all spacetime is
oneself intending
because oneself

This is where I start accentuating nature as I question climate change myself. Spoiler: no one is expelled. Self-awareness is the paradoxical intent of god the self.

First learn to love everything. Then believe in nothing. Raising consciousness is like affectionate awareness as experienced. And silence is my equal love. 

There's nothing to fear but identity itself. Love is the nearest thing to an answer. Being is mostly misunderstood.

Starry Starry parts of a great black Whole.

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