Monday, October 24, 2016

A Postmodern Spiritual

Dream an avocado surf illusion surf the red hot peppercorn and panoramic ocean view.

O great wave John Donne the causeless raven beats beneath the power of ten thousand sunflowers howling in the purple haze of a pissing sun.

Cicadas sing in sweet Virginia like a mantra strawberry lilac lotus black apocalypse calypso Joshua and nobody the frog.

Science says that everything is nothing but some quantum string—yet one acts as if the world is a thread of something else.

Jesus stopped to say belief is for the birds but render love unto oneself.

The body is through a glass willing. Spirit is ancient sunlight.

Inside each sun and daughter is Buddha Nature.

The chant of every chapter and the song of universal verse.

We are X-ray.

The universe in a moon and the absolute almighty of the unseen sun.

Mountains and rivers
Through the heart of dark continent
Looking for a way
To sea

Moby Dick on Highway Sixty-One. Call me unborn.

And the chorus, and the chorus, and the chorus, and the cool cool night.

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