Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Accepting February

The words aren't here today. The trees are bare and snow is blanketing the ground with blankness so conclusive that I’m drawing blanks instead of letters. 

Soon the jet stream will be introducing yet another arctic blast. So if the snow isn’t smothering this breath within my heart, the cold will simply kill it. Will it?

Is the heart subjective to objective stimulation or the lack of it, or is this mutable material within the one embrace of universal heart?

I guess acceptance of the month of February is the point of any Valentine. 

The shortest month may feel as if it's longest with its cold that ruthlessly continues and its snow that blinds the eye from seeing any sign of spring.

But loving it is seeing that the winter is the shadow of the summer and I'm neither yin nor yang but each has sprang from my intent that’s always calling all—

to which all again must fall.

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