Saturday, July 26, 2014

Song-stream 2 — Compassionist Manifesto

Mind apparently divides 
that nonduality 
and wonders why its world is one 
of separation, violence, want, and war.

Even when this unity appears
in shapes love takes—
like justice, hope, equality—
the mind will take control
with judgment and conviction
and an execution of its end
justifying any of its means.

And so it goes…

There’s no arguing
the utmost advocates of civil rights
within the infamous twentieth century:
Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.
Nonviolence was their word,
but more importantly the sacrifice of ego
—this identity with mind—
to universal consciousness;
call it Krishna, call it Christ.

You know it when you feel it,
some holistic intuition
that division is completely inauthentic,
that existence is lovingly impersonal,
that love is unconditional
and the personal is conditioned by division
and that’s the way it is.

And even this spontaneous understanding
is usurped by mind
and formed into religion
and fashioned into dogma, rules, belief
and fought in endless wars where
holy ends are justified
by all apocalyptic means.

Stop! There is no end

there’s only means,
there’s always only here and now
and every action is reflection
of the clarity within.

Our only call is clear our self—
an empty sky
breezes through and does the rest.

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