Tuesday, October 8, 2013

footnote to profisee ten - all in wonderwall

“Begin at the beginning,” said the King in Wonderland. Our western materialist paradigm and its method of scientific inquiry looks to what it fiercely calls the Big Bang as the point where everything begins, investigating its aftermath and reporting its discoveries as foundational truth. And although there are many benefits from this method, it’s obvious science doesn't really heed the King’s dictate. Even the White Rabbit could tell you that.

Science turns away from that which is before (or rather, beyond) the Big Bang; there’s nothing there for its kind of inquiry. Bodhidharma, though, gazes directly at that wall. Nisargadatta Maharaj vigilantly watches the “I Am.” Ramana Maharshi inquires “Who am I?” This is the wisdom of true discovery.

The Heart Sutra says “form is emptiness and emptiness is form.” So the wall upon which one gazes is revealed to be no wall at all, and vice versa. The Big Bang is no bang. Like the proverbial Maineiac says: “ayuh, you can’t get there from here.” Relying on the tools of the mind will take you further down the rabbit hole.

Thus, Nisargadatta Maharaj says to take it down to the primary level of one’s obvious self-existence, I Am. In this energetic, impersonal, fully aware, unitary consciousness, rest and watch. Gaze in and at Bodhidharma’s wall, or as it is transcribed in Tibetan, abide in brightness. This is the Upanishadic meditation of the Kena: “meditating only yourself is the way it’s understood.”

No words can take you there for you are already there; some just don’t know it yet. No thought, theory, or belief can tell you something that you are. Their domain is the world of the Big Bang. And although we are here in thought, we are not of thought. There is only one way to discover ultimate knowledge and that’s to rest in that ultimate knowledge you already are.

This is why there’s so much talk of quieting the mind, silence and surrender. Listening carefully to the noise of the Big Bang will tell you much about the intricacies of the Big Bang. But to know your absolute truth about that before (timelessly, that is) the Big Bang, one must rest in the Bangless.

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