Saturday, August 31, 2019

symphony five. the sea and seeing. for christine.

Let attention focus on being itself. That is pure awareness reflecting in consciousness. It takes a single word to make a simple myth and all of thirteen to form a grand unified one.

After awakening from dreaming, either one is creating, living, and destroying myth—or one is dying in a socially conditioned story. Listen, gods make myths. People only act them.

Self-awareness, as a feature of omnipotent and absolute awareness, necessitates not only this attention to consciousness, but being's instrument of mind, the quantum myth-maker, as well.

Not nihilistic, existentialist, nor addicted to personal deconstruction, but infinite Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, and the never-ending universal Buddhas dancing with the Sufi chorus on the Isle of Patmos.

That first hiking on the Island, after the ancient art of bedrock steps and then ascending an earth of desert pink granite, I see the sea—as if the sea and seeing is synchronicity, revelation, Sand Beach!

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