Sunday, December 18, 2016

A 3D Seventh House Spiritual

Muladhara core of earth the serpent rises from the root.

Subterranean organic movements in symphonic cellular division rising to the sea of songs sung in the key of life.

In-between that awareness
And this self-awareness
The dream of being

The quantum of refraction
Through the law of three
Becomes reflections
In the seven wonders of
The non-dual-one

Space. Sun. Half-moon. Diamonds. Pseudopods. Serpentine animals. The number nine.
It is natural for awareness to be self-aware.

The three dimensions of the third dream.
Love, compassion, and forgiveness.
Christ the middle way negative capability.

Death Valley. The Himalayas. Wine Dark Sea.

Kiss the idiot.
Kill the Buddha.
A thing of beauty never passes into nothingness.

The Word. Knowledge of the Sutras. Tantric Imagination!

In other words, being is the only way of knowing and dreaming is the only way of knowing it.

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