Sunday, November 9, 2014

fermenting light

to know the meaning of oneself—
one needs to know what that self is—
and that process of discovery of what one is—
is the meaning of oneself

one is that unknowable subjective—
that to know itself divides itself—
identifying with a single object—
perceiving there’s no other but self

that universe between identity and perception is—
the fermentation that identity defines as suffering—
and perception sees as its instructions

there's no describing the indescribable—

the unclouded expression of the absolute is light—

the qualities of light are its space of awareness and its focus of unconditional love—

thus a definition for space-time is affectionate awareness—

and the full expression of the indescribable absolute is the space-time of affectionate awareness—

and the expressed insight of the absolute is 'i am that'—

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