Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Super Moon. Quantum Night. Half Sonnet.

Clear night, full moon, this is dedicated to the one I am. Rock is the hardest concept but awareness is reflected in consciousness.

For social conditioning is nothing but belief before being, personal conception before universal consciousness,

and the varieties of conceptual objects before pure awareness. Listen, between concept and being, I am. Follow the energy.

Thoughts are the stuff of dreams. Now is the knowledge of that absolute made glorious by this super moon.

If scientific materialism is the root of the global economy, and religion is the nerve-center of belief,

then politics is the religion of scientific materialism. Division is division is division.

As thinking is emperor, being is goddess, and love is deconstruction. If moonlight falls on a silent river, does it make a wave or particle?

footnote: erwin schrödinger, friday night lights, friedrich nietzsche, clark kent, the mamas & the papas, edna st. vincent millay.
further footnotes. the waste land. i am that.
footnote maybe krishnamurti and the gita.
footnote william james of course, longchenpa naturally, and homer's legendary sirens of titan.
footnote prospero. footnote gloucester.
footnote paul to timothy. footnote aaron sorkin.
footnote machiavelli over marx and gertrude stein divided by nonduality.
footnote wallace stevens, hans christian andersen, botticelli, j. geils, joni mitchell, zeno of elea, werner heisenberg, and footnote zhuangzi footnote butterfly

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