Thursday, April 21, 2016

Releasing the Birds of Mythology

Words describe experience as translated thru one's localized mythology. No mythology is alike and much is lost in translating a translation. Nisargadatta in I Am That is actually dozens of Nisargadattas in translation thru dialogues. When one gets close to 'yours,' others open. As various translations are seen through, consciousness speaks to consciousness.

Localized mythologies gets one through the long day's journey thru the night. Seeing thru one's mythology is the work of personal deconstruction. Transforming one's mythology is the work of clarification. Not knowing one keeps a localized mythology is as good a definition of delusion as there is.

Experiential mythologies utilizing names such as awareness and consciousness are still mythologies. If this is unseen, it's just another belief. And one holding to the myth of scientific materialism as if it's not a myth: what a tangled web one is weaving. Don't even get me started on the dangerous lunacies of religion.

Scientific theories of theoretical physicists are inconspicuous mythologies and evident swindles. Here’s another. Every person, every conditioned localized aspect of universal consciousness, is a universe to oneself, and the black hole connecting each one is love. Such a transformation of mythology is named Opening the Window.

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