Thursday, January 23, 2014

profisee 43 - thirteen ways of looking at the way

in awareness and
the garden of consciousness—
a phenomenon always involves
an aspect of phenomena
usurping noumenon—
you are the writing on the wall
you are response to your own call—
everything that happens to you
is just a sign there is no you—

most never listen to the said
but interpret it instead
consciousness is all she wrote
fear and loathing in nirvana—
thinking fails to see
what intuition always knows—
there is one and there is all
which are always never two
but there's not a single other—

this aspect of the happening
moving as the moved—
fog like conceptual identity
lifts and the silver waterway is there
as it always is spontaneous open
and never the same river twice—
bask in your own light—
love is the mover
and love is the moved

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