Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Consciousness Express

There is no form in nature. There's only this transforming. Form is conceptual. Transformation is natural.

If conception isn't natural, what is form? If I have never been conceived, who am I?

Consciousness is the immaculate conception. Being is my expression. Nature isn't dust to dust but seed to seed.

All concepts pass away but consciousness is the seed of self-awareness. If religion is the priest of concepts, string theory is the pope.

Consciousness identifies with form. Sadness takes effect as transformation kills this concept.

As consciousness is the expression of the absolute, love is the expression of consciousness.

Emotion is this expression filtered by the latest concept, from conception to deconstruction.

Love is not emotion but goes misidentified as such. Love is the energy of emotion. Thought is the filter and emotion is the smoke.

As consciousness is energy-intelligence-awareness and thought is neither intelligent nor aware, energy needs to go somewhere.

In the world, energy is love seeking itself, intelligence is evolutionary intent, and awareness is spontaneously self-aware.

Hafiz says deconstruction unchains love. Son says thought is lacking something of the holy trinity. This is why it's called duality, love.

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