Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Once upon Geronimo and Flamenco

Love is the universal language. Everyone is I am. The network of the body-mind feels my pain like urgent information in the giving and receiving universal breath. Inattentive consciousness takes it personally.

Imagine consciousness as this thought balloon of the unknown absolute and the caption reads the starry night. If space-time is a mirror and every constellation is a story, love is absolutely mine.

No one doingly misunderstand me. Despite Diana, sexual attraction is a spontaneous component in this healing. True love confessions, I marry only Christine. True story. I meet her at a game of Risk.

In the love of space-time the sex is so damn good it's like having a child and that child is having another fractal child. For all is dreaming well tonight in this desert land of self-awareness. It's a process you see.

Geronimo is by Ed Breeding


1. dedicated to the myth of self-reflexive universes.
2. the relative absolute is naturally love.
3. duality turns.
4. form is transformation. transformation is form.

dream state kundalini is focusing this consciousness
into the dream of self-awareness
attention, ouroboros

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