Monday, February 19, 2018

Reading the Directions

The shaman is the one imagining for all. Stop yelling at my projections! There's no one but my self. Jesus dyed himself white for you. Quoting a translation without acknowledging the translator is like mistaking a painting for a photograph. Or an Ansel Adams for my eyes. Be aware of Nopperabo or you'll end up with original face. Or waiting for Kitaro. Beyond the world is where the wild things are. Truth is never ugly no matter how much I believe it. The world is divided into two. There are these believing this and there are those believing that.

Belief is like imagination without love. Whether the door is closed or open is no matter to the hinge. Memory at its essence is just a smell. Oh the stories that we tell to understand a smell! To rhyme is why we learn to spell. If the known is called the universe, who is the unknown? For the absolute unknown has come to know the known so that the absolute unknown may know this that which is unknowable. Meanwhile the red-winged blackbirds are anticipating my annual discovery. Perennial discovery?

In bread we trust. In the universe, what is a nature poem? Horse piss and the theory of relativity. Blood is not birth. Shit is not death. After a hard day's night, I love myself some absolute deep sleep. Sally dreaming on the seashore. The brain is manifested for imagination but believes otherwise. Note to self. Thought is the high technology of universal imagination. Wanting love, it's the hell of ten thousand beliefs. Physician heal thyself. Spirit love thyself. As if imagination is love minus belief.

I don't believe in nothing but I do imagine myself. Imagine one's intent as if there is no space-time. In other words, everyone is who I love them to be. This is why the great tantric practitioners are emphasizing Love Like Jesus and Mary Magdalene (although the patriarchy believes in the Virgin Mary). When I was an actor, I believed like an actor. But when I became director, I put the ways of doing behind me and imagined my love. As if body-mind is an amplifier transforming pure awareness into self-awareness but believing it's distortion.

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