Tuesday, October 17, 2017

EOM: dominion

As if one can take a side
while being whole—
the world is never at or in war;
the world is ever of war.

To deconstruct this house of cards
and all its kings and queens and jokers
is an endless pointless game;
to deconstruct myself is seeing through it.

I as consciousness is all there really is.
Belief alone has manifested all the world
to be this stage of self-awareness—
believe it and not.

If I don’t question my dominion
in the dreams of night,
why should I yield the issue
in this one of day?

There are secondary characters galore
who try to steal my thunder—
priests and scientists, politicians and insurgents.
Let them taste my lightning!

So is all within myself
or do I project myself as all?
Never mind; this self-awareness is
one view without a view.

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