Sunday, September 24, 2017

7 x 3 by the dream states

Awareness. Attraction movement friction. Fire light sound. Sense belief deconstruction. Self-awareness.

The god of pure awareness. The god of light and love. The god of deconstruction.

Even an illusion has a part to play within the process called self-awareness.

Summer falls to autumn. Nothing spring can stay. Even winter doesn't last forever. Pure awareness is naturally self-aware.

This life appears to be a single road but then again there are the dreams less taken.

Pure awareness being self-aware appears to be a universe and its transformation seems to last at least a lifetime but it's not and doesn't.

There's no beginning or no end as far as I’m concerned and I’ve been a great blue heron, deer, hawk, eagle, and coyote for at least three times.

We sure do put a lot of stock in memory every morning. Enlightenment denied is just an old disease.

One folk's synchronicity is just another folk's non sequitur. I'll be rhyming 'round the mountain as I please.

Embodiment is just another thought to deconstruct while being the unknown (sometimes i kill myself).

I wish I could write you a joke so hard to make you disbelieve belief and love yourself again.

Am I supposed to quote a profound revelation? Stop me if you've heard this koan. Self-awareness takes a person.

Enjoyment means to go. Suffering means to yield. There is no stopping. Non-duality is never new but dreams are.

I am the unknown and I know it. I am writing about the power of three. Awareness being self-aware.

This is way beyond a view. No view is every view. Every view is told in three and scored by seven.

Where was I? First light, first sound. First belief is deconstructed last—further! Every first belief is absolutely personal.

My first belief was fear. My mother was afraid of the world and my father didn't have the time to introduce me to it. Call me Ishmael.

Personal history. A pilgrim's progress, so to speak. Crawling is the second property. I'm waiting on my eight-month granddaughter!

Fire is the fourth and light will take the fifth but sound is 666. Zhuangzi says: seven thoughts, eight beliefs.

Ted Williams was my number nine. The splendid splinter! I'm wanted in three states for seven acts, some of which have ten thousand scenes.

Materialist, deconstruct yourself. Absolutist, let it be. Christ, dance!


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