Friday, September 22, 2017

1. Prior to Nisargadatta. Filmed in 3D.

Division can't be trusted. One may be an imaginary number but it's the only one.

The difference between imagination and belief: imagination is unbelievable, like love; belief is unimaginable, like war.

Self-awareness is the end times of being. Absolution is the x of self-awareness. Being is the why of absolution.

Sat is that is this ananda. That awareness is always self-aware is just another oxymoron.

This is all I know: deep sleep, sleep dreams, dream deep. Unknowing belief is knowing the unknown.

Knowing the unknown is being. Unknowing being is belief. In the name of Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu—trinity!

In other words, I am That and I am this and i am ‘me’—three views for the price of none.

Seeing double is the one disease, relatively or absolutely speaking. Even a sage can fall to such a cancer.

Call this, that, these & those—trimurti, holy trinity, and all triumvirates on earth: the power of three!


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