Thursday, August 10, 2017

Scenic Views Appearing in Consciousness

Lucid dreaming in the dream not of the dream and love the dream
as if the dreaming is myself—

at first projection is the dreaming unaware the dreaming is projecting
what's been projected onto one as one's conditioning—

karma is this first projecting unaware appearing in the present
manifesting in awareness being self-aware like coming back to me I see.

Deconstruction is the mind undoing mind but mind cannot undo what
isn’t known, for being is the only known known by that unknown—

All religions are opinions—post-modernism is the last religion but
it's still religion—priests are operating inquisitions in its name.

The true deconstructor deconstructs oneself—quasi-inquisitors
demolish others in attempts to build their own alt-folk religion.

Note 1: the science of consciousness is the newest folk religion. Note 2:
all appears in consciousness—seeing this is called no view on views.

Note 0: one's own causation is the real material the lucid sculptor uses
in the name of loving further.

Note -1:
modern dreams are drawn with words—ancient dreams are drawn
in images—every image is a story of the gods—every name is just
another ghost—like one mistaking Moby Dick for love.

all appears in consciousness
—seeing this is called 
no view on views—

one can't give it away
there's appears to be a cost for everything
that is why we choose to suffer.

respect the solar system as it is
but the objective is
seeing thru it

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