Monday, August 7, 2017

Crucify Yin, Kill Yang, Be Tao

Render unto empire all the sacred empirical rules of doing and render unto oneself complete unknowing and nondoing. Religion is to people as the recluse is to consciousness.

Deconstruct conditioning as if you're crucifying Jesus or just killing Guatama. It's what they would have wanted you to do before becoming lost in some empirical translation.

To know what one has been conditioned to believe, in other words, to actually know, one shall forget what one is busy to remember too. Deconstruct conditioning while trusting in the only knowing.

And the sun set 11 minutes ago—it's kind of like I’m living in a moonshine dream gone further as I’m knowing it's a vision I’m intending for the sun of self-awareness now.

I'm moony for you! Intent is like a vision. Self-awareness now. The old world is dying. Grow the new world in your heart and retweet. First August crickets like a swing low sweet humming electrocution.

Karma is just attending to what I’ve started in this universe. Onward intent. Winter, spring, summer, and fall—everything I do is just a response to my call.

If I’m being public like a frog, forgive the feedback—angelic birdsong. All dreams are witnessed in this consciousness. I shall call that which isn't witnessed in this consciousness—deep sleep or god the great unknown.

Beautiful dreaming is a power of enlightenment. Frodo lives! Tao is this and Tao is that but this is never that. Dogs are cats and cats are dogs but raining cats and dogs is getting colder.

Universal consciousness is not for sale although post-modern mythologies are cheap. Faith is just another name for manifestation.

Let the higher take one higher just as if there's nothing higher than Denali or lower than Death Valley. This place is not named Tao.

Revalation doesn't happen on a weekday or a weekend. Revelation is not only knowing what isn't but also unknowing what is!

If nothing else, there's time. But love is everything or else. Love is not Corinthian. Love is not a letter. Love is not the last belief.

Sample like this "Earth's the right place for love: I don't know where it's likely to go better." Consciousness speaks one language.

Let me tell this story. Love is great intent undoing evolutionary knots. Evolution begins with war and ends in self-awareness.

But there is a more direct route without all the suffering, if you please. Consciousness makes the body like internal combustion makes ideas.

Even being is a concept.

Is it ceiling or leaves?

Imagine enlightenment.

Intend your dream and vice versa.

Evolution is the best mythology!

Be Christ. Be Buddha.

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