Sunday, July 30, 2017

third koan

after the tree frogs  but before the crickets, there's a full stop of silence.
actually there's no dividing being but there's thinking it,

only being is knowing. dividing knowledge is the stuff of all illusions, dreams, soliloquies, and other existentialist philosophies.

it beats all that scientific materialism is the latest anti-christ
but love is always love.

love is neither material nor personal but consciousness talking to consciousness. everything else is just appearances in this consciousness.

by the way, everyone I ever loved is always by my side informing me they're always here.

love transforms but never dies, look. one is oneself only. and love is only oneself remembering this, together.

one can take the bhakti way
and one can take the via negativa.
but one is one despite what yellow road within the wood is taken.

which road shall I go down tonight?
the unsinkable always sinks.
the unthinkable is better left unsaid, my love.

the past is bad memory. the future is good imagination.
whatever the latest scientific division of time is, it isn't now.
the resignation of richard nixon. that moment when you walked "across the room / you make my heart go / boom boom boom" jackie wilson said

no future. only the great intent of nowe like true north.

if one is working with the power of love in the name of great intent and loving love is the power of two, then imagine the power of a trinity!

instead of scientific materialism, let's try curiouser and curiouser, children.

i surrender in the name of great intent.
ego therefore I'm gone.
respect the concept of the universe while being universal.

listen. enlightenment is just another name for self-awareness. but belief is known by ten thousand names.

write as if

four walls—ten thousand

memories—no views on views

on ten thousand views

o grand canyon o

yosemite black and white

matsushima o!

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