Thursday, June 15, 2017

Study Questions for 21st Century Acid Test

1. What do the characters of love and zero have in common?

2. Where is self-awareness in that spectrum?

3. If science assumes the universe is divided, and,
the universe is, by definition, not divided,
then isn't the ground of science shaky?

4. Nevertheless let me show you a picture of my granddaughter living
lovingly in exile in the middle of Virginia.

5. As if the Tao of Dante is like some enchanted horse is pissing in the ear of Basho.

6. The walrus did it.

7. I recently read that koans shed their cells every seven years.

8. Philosophy is change. Wisdom will cost you your last dollar. That's how spirituality functions in the material world. Take it or leave it.

9. DM me.

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