Friday, June 16, 2017

Ode to Myself

Ignorance isn't bliss.
Stuck between abyss
and a deep state.
But not of the world,
by the world, and
for the world.
Mind moves.
Waves sea.
The way I see,
it's all about myself.

Long division
is another name
for memory.
World war three.
Meet the new math.
Same as the old math.
And love isn't otherworldly.
Love is out of this world.

Begin at the beginning.
To be.
First infinitive.
Conceptual foundation
for the dreaming.
I am and never is.
Such is self-awareness.
First self.
Best self.

Pure awareness
This takes
a universe of space
and an evolution of time.
But what the hell.
I've got nowhere
special to be,

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