Saturday, March 19, 2016

Instant Myth. Do Not Read.

The human being is my spirit animal. Matter is the closing. Awareness becomes unaware in the process of self-awareness. Being is the opening. Footnote. In absolute awareness, there is no process.

Jack Kerouac. Big Sur. The vision track. The end of the road. Only fame can kill the buddha, jack. But only buddha sees through fame.

Dylan knew his Kerouac and by some act of grace barely survived—he lives to play Jack Fame in an all together all beyond postmodernist world.

It stands to be that instant karma is also instant mythology. Only seeing through belief is next to godliness.

Alcohol didn’t kill jack but the microscopic dregs of french-canadian roman-catholic virgin-mary kerouac-conditioning did. Default, default, default. Only buddha sees through fame.

When the famous are like gods, your dream is instant myth. This is the great awakening. It's in the ninth circle of our memory where the nightmares play. Only going further sees through nowhere man.

And only the default is going further, says the infamous Wu Wei. Carry water, drink mind. Transform wood, alter consciousness. 

At the altar of the evolutionary visionaries, after doing the seven stations of the cross. Deconstruction and revelation feels like divorce and re-awakening. But it's not. 

“One fast move or I’m gone.” Transformation (experiential i-am) or i'm gone (the concept of death). Like being or thought in other words.

Bob is never-ending. Always further is Jack. Like a twist of fate. Emily Dickinson flies in. To be continued. Walt went out but Emily is in. 

I'm still paying reparations to the feminine. Emily was born in Basho. Because i didn't stop for fame, time stopped for me. Emily and Ikkyu.

Love stopped by
To play around
Like nothing

Sitting on a starry bench
Above pacific waves and waters
Flowing here at the end of the world
I feel like a photograph

It's not nothing yet but things are getting thinner. Don't Stephen King it. See through the mirror. A tip of the tongue to fire. As if the mind records transformation. New technologies only change old beliefs.

Conditioning is deep my lord, but the river is deeper. I  baptize you in the waters of experience. The snake of belief be gone. I am that I am. In the name of pure awareness, self-awareness, and that intent to be self-aware.

My early advice on the way is this. When the dream becomes heavy, drop it. Forgive, default. And about default. We can only teach you this. We can never teach you that. I am the walrus. Goo goo g' joob.

Revelation is never contained by myth. Mutual experience is transmission. I am tweeting. Consciousness to consciousness. Can you hear me, Houston.

At first, just think about being! Then just hold that thought. In time, being sees through any thought. Including time. In other words, I am.

Make poetry, not poems. Songbirds only sing what they know while waiting for some echo. Love! One. I

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