Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Book of Being

In DNA but not of DNA. As long as one identifies with the material, the world is a pestle and the universe the mortar. One can’t trump the truth forever.

Fear is the straw that sucks the space out of you. There’s no building a gentler and kinder world. Its pendulum is always swinging. Seeing through the material is the only subjective objective.

In the late October light of middle February, shadows of bare trees begin to shorten. In the middle of a tidal river, giant ice floes are resting on a sandbar. Transformation is as transformation does.

Morality is where true spirituality too often returns to die. Love is to morality as being is to thought. Don't get me wrong, morality might be a good thing, but love is everything.

As the sun is to a match, the match has its purpose, but try thinking without being. Thinking without being is as good a definition of samsara as one may think but there is no samsara in being.

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