Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fifth Fantasia

What Trickster should I be tonight? Some Puck or Crow or Kappa?

On the slopes of Mount Osore in volcanic waters of an onsen, I bow before the water deity.

Poet, father, mystic, I. These are a few of my favorite words.

Only being knows of lucid dreaming, cabbages, and kings.

Somewhere between cicadas and a Golden Buddha, I meet an ancient Chinese woman on the steps of Yamadera, and she takes a picture of me.

All my life, through all the transformations, significant or otherwise, I'm on the way to Graceland.

Whatever confidential character I dream, it's only proof I am that great unknown.

Ah! Matsushima! Ah! Big Sur! Ah! Nisargadatta! Ah! I am!

On the shores of Lake Chocorua, before the distant peak of Passaconaway, I watch my daughter make-believe while knowing all is love.

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