Monday, January 26, 2015

Venus on a Universal Shell

The gods go living in our DNA. 
Those primal waves of consciousness 
from numberless millennia 
are churning in its chemistry. 
Walking through this Mount Olympus, 
I am every vital one of them. 
I worship each on landscaped altars 
with grateful garlands of wildflowers—
for in truth I'm not a single one of them. 
In essence, even Mars is not a planetary 
warrior but the pull of earliest division. 
Seeing it as such is seeing through it. 
Holding all these gods within my space, 
I honor them but never occupy 
their territory. All but Venus. 
Love! The sea is parting. 
Love! All space is disappearing. 
Love! I'm washing up upon this desert 
shoreline, disembodied, universal, 
bursting with original intent.

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