Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Supermoon and the Small Print

The Supermoon Is New And Guaranteed 
To Fill Your Sky With Cleanliness 
Located Next To Godliness 
Insuring Your Material Well-Being 
Until There’s No Material Left To Be! 
That you never were material 
is immaterial to this company. 
That the body’s like a wireless receiver 
and you’re the wave it amplifies 
is covered somewhere in this small print. 
Not reading your intuition is confusion 
to be suffered when mistaking 
such an object as the subject. 
Identity theft begins at home.

The way will let you know you've lost the way.
The way will let you know you are the way.
What one is is self-explanatory
as one distinguishes the what one isn’t.
Freedom's just another word
for nothing isn't my imagination.
Don’t mistake the tenor of the way
for some vehicle on the road.
Commercials pointing to the supermoon
are neither super nor the moon.
Supply's unlimited although this offer
may be withdrawn at any moment.
You are the wellspring of creation;
drink yourself responsibly.

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