Wednesday, August 21, 2013

KENA UPANISHAD 4:1 [great perception]

She, of the Absolute, said, it is through the Absolute This triumphs with great perception. Thus, accordingly, from That alone, it was made to understand the Absolute.

sa brahmeti hovaca brahmano va etad-vijaye mahiyadhvam iti tato haiva vidam cakara brahmeti

Notes: In most translations, if not all, this first sloka of the fourth section, marks the beginning of understanding. It usually is stated simply: through Brahman’s power, the gods have become victorious. And via that statement, Indra now knows Brahman. But there’s an intuition here that what is being said is much more subtle than that, and infinitely greater. Sky (Indra) is told by Light (Uma) that it is through Brahman that Sky and all the others, including Fire and Air, have triumphed with their great perception. And through that sudden understanding that Brahman is the source of its perception, Sky perceives Brahman!

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