Friday, July 12, 2013

the new sutras 4 - ordinary hallucinations

high humidity
and intermittent birdsong—
the mechanical thunder of a cigarette boat
lighting up the river valley—

the ordinary hallucinations of fireflies
at the dark edge of woods
and giant moths
upon the picture window—

the persistent notes of a single
tree frog creaking
like the gateless gate
of great andromeda—

the mind is a name
conditioned consciousness uses
to call conditioned consciousness,
conditioned consciousness—

the mind fascinates itself—
the false is charming—
the mind is an actor assuming
the role of director—

sarvam brahmopanishadam
the axe is not the wood—
the jug is not the water—
these words are not the truth—

no view is
the seeing point of view—
unknowing is the way
to knowing the unknown—

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  1. these words are not the truth– I also thought this. I want to try making it my email signature.