Monday, July 8, 2013

the new sutras 2 - to sing the songs

a mockingbird climbs
to the top of a dead evergreen,
branch by branch,
to sing the songs
that are not her…

when thought is dropped, truth is there—
-isms and -ians and -ists, oh my—
truth is not a school of thought—
semper i—
only you can find yourself…

if you don't know who you really are,
how can you be sure
the you that hopes to help the world is
really you,
and not some inauthentic other…

to be consumed by the clarity of what i am—
indescribably delicious—
inexpressibly digested—
unspeakably gone, gone, all gone—
there's nothing for a person to do other than be done…

the burning spiritual desire
to experience a mind-blowing
cosmic mystical event is
actually accomplished
every night in deep sleep…

the phenomenal world
would cease to exist
upon awakening,
if the phenomenal world
actually existed…

to understand
the misapprehension of knowledge
and the nonapprehension of ignorance
is all the apprehension needed—
spontaneous diseducation of the heart…

love is to consciousness as war is to thought—
only love will do—
ignorance is not a cause, for illusion is not an effect—
the world will spit you out when you're done with it—
Aha! Yah! Ahayah Ashar Ahayah!

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