Tuesday, November 15, 2022

True Science

Scientific materialists speaking of stars collapsing into black holes but never touching upon that black whole manifesting stars in the first place tells a lot about scientific materialism but nothing else of note.

I’m not calling out scientific materialism in particular. It’s no different than any other religious cult. True believers love belief and not the truth. Forgive them for they know not what nondoing is to do. Let them without extended childhoods throw the first cheap shot. 

True science. Absolute awareness plus maya is universal consciousness. Universal consciousness plus avidya is individual consciousness. Individual consciousness plus deconstruction is self-awareness. Thus absolute awareness is self-aware. That is all.

Revelations in the Key of Brahman

Don’t think about it. Just be the unthinkable.

I don’t think I know brahman. I know I know brahman.

Brahman reveals to the mind, in what the mind calls intuition,

you are not the mind, and further, that i am brahman.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

On Avidya

Realization is not rocket science. The world is rocket science.

Realization is natural. Avidya is not.

Avidya is unwise. Avidya is conditioned consciousness.

Avidya is not vidya. Vidya is unconditioned knowledge.

Without avidya, who knows what vidya is? Vidya, of course.

Not a Haiku, Part 2

Absolute consciousness is a myth.

Universal consciousness is a fact.

Individual consciousness is a fiction.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Myth Is, Is Myth

Myth is like that proverbial sculpture. Myth is the aftermath of deconstruction. Myth is the manifestation of negative capability. Myth is dream minus belief, myth is lucid dreaming.

Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water is myth. Don’t throw out satcitananda with the neti neti is myth. Don’t mistake atheistic materialistic nihilism for perennial nonduality is myth.

Myth is in samsara but not of samsara. Myth is all the stage and myth is all the players in the play. Myth is the skeleton of consciousness and the heart of self-awareness. Myth is, is myth.

Not a Haiku

Self-awareness is happening.

Awareness? It never happened.

Brahman is not atman.

Nirvana Deconstructing

So there’s the prana force of universal consciousness, the body-mind transistor it creates, and the prajna self-awareness it is amplifying.

Self-awareness is not creation. Prajna consciousness is ever latent in prana consciousness. The body-mind is used to turn it up.

Prana consciousness identifying with its instrument is the necessary feedback loop in this process. There’s nothing wrong with samsara.

Thinking there’s something wrong with samsara ~is~ samsara. Knowing there's nothing wrong with samsara is nirvana deconstructing.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Life and Times of Mahamaya

There’s nothing wrong with the world. The world is perfect as it is. You cannot make a better world!

As one comes to nirvana through samsara, one comes to self-awareness through deconstructing the world.

Universal consciousness is the ground of individual consciousness, and that which sees

through individual consciousness is universal consciousness, the mahamaya.

There’s no going beyond the mahamaya. The mahamaya sees through all.

Mahamaya waits for brahman like the one beloved. Brahman whispers in my ear, mahamaya is brahman.

Cut to Dissolve

Individual consciousness is to be deconstructed. Universal consciousness is to be. Absolute consciousness is beyond.

Individual consciousness is a fiction of the mind. Universal consciousness is the dream of maya. Absolute consciousness is beyond.

The mind divides the universe into separate objects. This is fine. The mind identifies with a single object. This is problematic.

Division, identification, suffering, and deconstruction: the four directions of self-awareness. And in self-awareness, the self awaits awareness, to dissolve itself.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022


Manifestation is nothing but the process of self-awareness resting in the pink noise of I am. The world is not broken. Consciousness is broken. The world is consciousness in pieces. What is intelligence without thought? What is being without dreaming? What is one without two? Who am I?