Saturday, August 31, 2019

symphony five. the sea and seeing. for christine.

Let attention focus on being itself. That is pure awareness reflecting in consciousness. It takes a single word to make a simple myth and all of thirteen to form a grand unified one.

After awakening from dreaming, either one is creating, living, and destroying myth—or one is dying in a socially conditioned story. Listen, gods make myths. People only act them.

Self-awareness, as a feature of omnipotent and absolute awareness, necessitates not only this attention to consciousness, but being's instrument of mind, the quantum myth-maker, as well.

Not nihilistic, existentialist, nor addicted to personal deconstruction, but infinite Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva, and the never-ending universal Buddhas dancing with the Sufi chorus on the Isle of Patmos.

That first hiking on the Island, after the ancient art of bedrock steps and then ascending an earth of desert pink granite, I see the sea—as if the sea and seeing is synchronicity, revelation, Sand Beach!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

symphony four. thirteen potions. for beverly.

Social conditioning creates a false sense of the universal. From personal deconstruction springs the leafless individual. Essentially this feature of the universal is the focal point of self-awareness.

The opposite of myth is the world. Matter is to the world as consciousness is to myth. Matter is ninety-nine percent space and nearly one percent belief.

The body-brain is to social conditioning as consciousness is to awareness. Dreaming is to the world as myth-making is to lucid dreaming is to mind not lost within itself.

If matter is this snake of a mistake, myth is that twist of self-awareness. Scientism is the new theology with a secret Latin of its own. Scientific materialism is the root of all scientific error.

If disease is the manifestation of a great mistake and western medicine is the church of this mistake, one can only do the math. Being as belief is the only glitch, only consciousness is the one solution. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

symphony three. the universe electric. for emmy.

Resting in your so-called personal consciousness is an entry-level drug. It doesn't matter if someone believes consciousness is a body-brain production. Consciousness knows what consciousness is. And what isn't.

This is why an honest visitation to I-am leads one to see I am that I-am. For there is no personal consciousness. Although there is an individual one. Atman is Brahman after all.

Social conditioning would have us believe the individual is a secondary character to the primary one of society itself. But the individual is the only universe there is.

I've seen the best ones of this generation lost within division. As if there is a kind of individual politics which is not a universal declaration of war. As if belief and love are not incompatible.

As if there's anything but the universe electric sounding in each solitary August cricket tonight. Matter is unproven theory leading to dementia. Only consciousness is fact. Keep on thinking from the heart.

one. the only knowledge is consciousness. the rest is hearsay. no matter one's desire to believe it.

two. not two. consciousness is the manifestation of the absolute truth.

three. zen is easy. deconstruction is hard.

four. all politics isn’t local; love is. all politics is the suspension of disbelief.

five. essentially, matter is disease. consciousness is cure. 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

symphony two. myth is a method. for marcheterre.

The dream returns to consciousness like a whirlpool returning to the river. The river doesn't return to that pure awareness of mountain air but continues intentionally toward the sea of self-awareness.

Just because the tool has been misused doesn't mean it doesn't have a function. In this universe of self-awareness, myth is not mistake. Myth is a method.

For manifestation follows the myth and not vice-versa, like matter follows the so-called scientific theory of western materialism. Not only is deconstruction not an end in itself,

universal consciousness is using an understanding mind to imagine self-awareness. This is the way pure awareness does it. The immaculate conception is not a mistake.

After all, consciousness is the non-dual manifestation of the absolute. And mind is the non-dual imagination of being. The world is being stuck. Dis-identify the eye with me.

1. returning has many ways but great intent is only one way
2. don’t mistake the mistake
3. matter is unproven theory
4. awareness being self-aware is a feature of pure awareness
5. imagining nonduality is the penultimate phase 

the trailer
like a whirlpool returning to the river
myth is not mistake
manifestation follows the myth and not vice-versa
the way pure awareness does it
mind is the non-dual imagination of being

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

symphony one. hydrologic ouroboros. for agi.

After deconstructing one's conditioning, there's energy, awareness, and being. Listen carefully, it's not nothing. There's no universe but universal consciousness focusing through energy to being into apocalyptic self-awareness.

I know from experience that being gets lost in dreaming. Look, divine imagination is the natural turn from being to self-awareness. But when its metaphysical imaginal tool of thought becomes identity instead, the flow is lost within a dreamy whirlpool, night and day.

After the whirlpool is energy, being, and reflections of awareness. Great intent is always flowing from sky to sea—through mountains and rivers—and back to sky like a hydrologic ouroboros.

The only snake in paradise is self-awareness. Eve is only deconstructing her material identity. The goddess dies before she dies. By the way, Adam and God are merely secondary characters in Genesis.


one. nihilists need not apply.

an avatar is natural divine imagination. the personal is original dream.

three. scientific materialism cannot accept intent despite the evidence of evolutionary self-awareness. in fact, all kinds of materialistic archbishops are questioning self-awareness now instead.

i  know i’m not material but being loves a good story

only consciousness lucidly dreams

Imagine mind dreaming, and running away with the dream-body. Welcome to the world. But when consciousness dreams, it dreams big time.

Hey consciousness, wake up! You’re not the body-brain and its divisions. Detach, and pay attention to one’s divine imagination for intentional self-awareness.

Only consciousness lucidly dreams. All persons are avatars. No avatar is a person. The personal dream is to divine imagination as nightmare is to daylight. A person is of the world. An avatar is a universe.

Spontaneity is not without intent. Dreaming is spontaneous. In the sea, the talkers talk. But lucid dreaming rides the wave of great intent. All of this intent is that being self-aware.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

overture to a new manifesto

Observing silence once a week is new school and multiple times a day is old school but avoiding more than three-week intervals seems to be the absolute baseline for my teaching.

My tantric teaching emphasizes being over logic. Deconstruction isn't god. The mind prefers a nihilistic outcome to scare itself back from the precipice. But love is paradoxical that way.

First turning is body living in the mind. Second turning is surrendering to consciousness only. Third turning is enlightenment. Deconstructive story, unconditional love, and spontaneous intent are the primal trinity.

The body-mind at best is this transistor—node of transformation and resistance—amplifying universal consciousness to its potentiality of self-awareness. The body-mind is like a fountain in an ouroboric sea.

Each night as affectionate awareness returns to absolute, the living body left behind attempts to replicate its absent lover and yet each day it has convinced itself again of something other.

Given a person is the definition of divided and love cannot be defined, every person falls a second fall believing god is on their side. War doesn't just break out. It takes some time to brainwash babies.

One cannot unthink the world but one can be dispassionate about it and compassionate while in it. So identify with that affectionate awareness while not of the world but love while in it.

There's both an energetic kundalini impulse and awareness reflected in consciousness. Holy spirit of enlightening intent and the universal god child of projection. Shakti, Shiva.

Look, I am universal consciousness in which material projection is appearing even if it takes a world of rabbit holes. If you think there's anyone other than yourself within this house of mirrors, think again.

Universal consciousness is in, I-am is out. When I-am sees I am that I-am by simply resting in the knowledge which is I-am, call this amplification Awareness Reflected in Consciousness.

Meanwhile, in the religion of scientific materialism, there is something called Frankenstein's Theory on the Spontaneous Generation of Consciousness from Dead Matter via Chemicals and Electricity.

Wise action is not right action but stop action. Morality is never wise but conditional as is automatic action always personal. Thus wise action is no action but non-doing. Naturally transformative.

One conditioning is infinitely different from another and this is why no one way fits all. And the more popular it is, the more fundamentally conditioned it becomes. Democracy is the greatest cult.

One is both absolutely universal while being individually responsible for self-awareness. The language of empire is constantly changing as love is the only universal means of communication.

The personal is a dream if not an illusion but the individual is all there is. As consciousness is the expression of the absolute, I am the divine imagination of consciousness—lucid, improvisational, inspirational.

All one can do is understand. This understanding is not on the level of the intellect but being. So mind, think love, or rather how love is not within the realm of thought. Neither is wisdom.

Listen, the mind dreams at night. Divine imagination dreams throughout the day. Even universal consciousness is dreaming space-time. Silence, the absolute unknown is dreaming self-awareness.

Projecting your world instead of returning to oneself is the root of every paradox in self-awareness. Avoiding the turning is source of suffering and normality. Still, nothing is gained in turning except feeling right.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

am 190810st just like an axle

Projecting your world instead of returning to oneself is the root of every paradox in self-awareness. Avoiding the turning is source of suffering and normality. Still, nothing is gained in turning except feeling right.

Sorry, scientific materialism is the new old-time religion. Only consciousness is the only frontier. Tune in. Drop body-mind. Compassion is the turning. War is the inevitable result of endless war, grasshopper.

Love is not some beautiful projection. Love is that projecting. Follow the light not of this world. For Jesus is Adam and Eve is Atman is Brahman is nameless noumenon. Last night I finally heard the crickets.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

am 190807wd the postulates of fractal dreaming

Listen, the mind dreams at night. Divine imagination dreams throughout the day. Even universal consciousness is dreaming space-time. Silence, the absolute unknown is dreaming self-awareness.

Psychology deconstructs the night. Spirit manifests the day. Being is the sunlight and pure awareness is the ground. Self-awareness is an evolutionary myth. Spontaneous enlightenment is a direct one.

Don't believe the direct path. Love the gradual one. Never over-think a single thing—belief is a killer doer. Feel free to be or not to be. Non-doing is never drastic with its fractals.

Seventh of August and the sun is setting before eight. Darkness doesn't fool me anymore. From the rim, I've seen the sunrise go on and on from butte to butte in Grand Canyon. I know that golden point of view.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

am 190806tu understanding

All one can do is understand. This understanding is not on the level of the intellect but being. So mind, think love, or rather how love is not within the realm of thought. Neither is wisdom.

As for changes in personality, there’s nothing you can do, for the personal isn’t real. Not that there aren't changes here, for changes indicate the depth of understanding. Being, watch, like a test of understanding. If no changes, there’s likely little to no understanding.

The most common misunderstanding is thinking there's an understanding. So mind, deconstruct yourself further; only abandon the thorn if truly done. Being, stay watching, and love.

The gardens are full of stunning Black-eyed Susans today. Like so many yellow suns emanating in the nameless—O Susan, Susan, lovely dear, my vows shall ever true remain; let me kiss off that falling tear; we only part to meet again.