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Friday, August 29, 2014

Song of Yourself

Abandon all center
for you are the universal.
There’s not a leaf on a tree
by a river that’s flowing
past hills and through cities
of mills that you aren’t.
There’s not a scene
in a list by Walt Whitman
you don’t inhabit.
Nothing you do is done
by some encapsulated
you—in your manifest
intent on knowing
you’re unmanifest.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Supermoon and the Small Print

The Supermoon Is New And Guaranteed 
To Fill Your Sky With Cleanliness 
Located Next To Godliness 
Insuring Your Material Well-Being 
Until There’s No Material Left To Be! 
That you never were material 
is immaterial to this company. 
That the body’s like a wireless receiver 
and you’re the wave it amplifies 
is covered somewhere in this small print. 
Not reading your intuition is confusion 
to be suffered when mistaking 
such an object as the subject. 
Identity theft begins at home.

The way will let you know you've lost the way.
The way will let you know you are the way.
What one is is self-explanatory
as one distinguishes the what one isn’t.
Freedom's just another word
for nothing isn't my imagination.
Don’t mistake the tenor of the way
for some vehicle on the road.
Commercials pointing to the supermoon
are neither super nor the moon.
Supply's unlimited although this offer
may be withdrawn at any moment.
You are the wellspring of creation;
drink yourself responsibly.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Known Unknown

Whatever I am, 
I’m not distressed, 
nor unintelligent. 
Some call this ground 
awareness, but that’s 
as much a metaphor 
as the moon; 
abstract nouns 
are still concrete. 
I am unborn, 
undying, not two— 
that open space 
without a view.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

How Many Years Can a Mountain Exist

The world is like ten thousand words 
and all of them are lies if you believe them.
What is an orange when it’s not orange?
What is a person when it isn’t taking something personally?
Thoughts are either like delightful companions
or they’re enemies convincing one is two
and present is the past wishing it’s the future.
Keep your similes like friends and metaphors much closer.
Religion is the truth turned inside-out.
The truth is using words to point at what I really am.
The question to be asked is who am I
when I’m not thinking of an answer.
Thinking that I know is always overblown.
The answer, my friend, is being the unknown.