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Friday, January 15, 2016

A Course in Revelations

The mind is the reflective mirror in the process of Self-awareness. Evolution is clearing the dust. See? But the world is always in the middle ages between the prehistoric and the agelessness of enlightenment.

Bodhisattva is not the only post-awakening pre-samadhi existence. Just one. And it's definitely not what you think it is. The truth is always lost in translation. You have to read so many versions until you're on one's own.

Although there is one translation for you that's absolutely harmonious. Seeking is either polytheistic or monotheistic—sometimes both or none. The manifest is infinite in its love. The unmanifest is singular in its intent.

In other words, if there's nothing to fear but fear itself, there's nothing to fear. Listen—intent is everything and it likes to take its time. As one builds it, it is built—as hard as you need it to be, as beautiful as I want.

One sees the state of the world as the reverse image of oneself. But it still takes a little time for it to develop. So rest easy. Evolution plays itself out. To begin anew. Like a phoenix. Like absolute samadhi. Love it out.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

An Original Map of Revelation

The reality of undivided being is the manifestation of an unknown absolute awareness intending knowing self-awareness—

and love is undivided being that occurs within the dreaming world mistakenly assumed to be reality

but actually the cruel illusion of division, separation, suffering, and total war which is the status of the personal.

In other words, such unconditioned love is that reality of undivided being shining in conditioned dark material delusion,

and the brilliantly reflective mind evolves to undivide the false division allowing conscious being to stay lucid

in the world, not of the world, in open clear spontaneous free and knowing self-awareness.