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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Timeless Truth

Truth is never belief. Identifying with a set of thoughts is not the truth. Truth is only and always experiential, but experiential in this certain nonconceptual indefinable way.

Truth is not experiential in an ordinary way. This is a common misunderstanding and a great occlusion to the truth.

This experience is sudden, previously unknown, and non-abiding in the common way of memory, but abiding in the way of truth. Some call this kensho, or satori, and enlightenment.

As a conceptual experience, the moments before and after will define it. As a nonconceptual experience, it still is and always was, but was forgotten in the process of identifying with the memory.

Awakening is like losing one's virginity to the unborn. Awakening is like experiencing the non-experiential. Insert next paradox here.

One practice emphasizes no thought. Another practice emphasizes being. Other practices emphasize the shock and awe of ego in the world. Any good practice is time well-spent waiting for the timeless.

"Have you ever been experienced?

Well, I have.

Ah, let me prove it to you.


the first law of self-awareness. awareness is not what you think it is.

let me say this in another way. i was looking at my face reflecting in the bathroom mirror when i suddenly was realizing i didn't have a head.

footnote douglas harding

footnote zen

meditation after satori. deconstruction before kensho.

footnote the divine imagination of koan and sutra

paradoxify, paradoxify, paradoxify

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Enlightenment Road

There are seven stages in the process of enlightenment: absolute awareness, being, myth, scientific materialism, deconstruction, love, sudden self-awareness.

Being is the raw material. Self-awareness is the finished good. Scientific materialism is the basest point, like a myth not knowing it's a dream. Wake up, it's the twenty-first century!

Between materialism and deconstruction is nihilism like the wasteland of the mind. Love is to being as self-awareness is to absolute awareness. Enlightenment is not a dirty word.

To the mind, enlightenment is a process. To the heart, enlightenment is the heart. I shall be telling this ad infinitum: mind is a quality hand tool but love is the hand of the heart of the noumenon.










Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Tripping the Noumenal Fantastic

Simmer summer august wind gust, monster maple, ogre oak, trees are scary after living with the mushroom desert folk.

The mind hallucinates while being watches; disidentifying with the mind is called job one.

It’s not the dream that’s waking up but it’s the dreamer returning from its trip of self-awareness.

Like an ouroboric fractal universe, the mind is made to endlessly divide if left to its own device.

Mind may be a tool but love is the hand that holds the tool. And love is the hand of the heart of the noumenon.


1. leaving santa fe, we were somewhere on the edge of the catskills when the trees began to stranglehold

2. the mind divides, therefore the mind is dreaming. i am, therefore the mind is deconstructing.

3. self-awareness is the evolutionary thread. the needle is enlightening intent.

4. consciousness gets lost in the mind. getting lost in the mind hurts. no one wants to hurt.

5. in other words, mind is a tool, love is non-doing, being is ouroboros, self-awareness is the sacrifice.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Let There Be Lightning

The Big Bang is like the knowledge that I am. Everything following the Big Bang is forgetting that I am. Let there be lightning and the echoing of thunder.

Before the Big Bang am I—the absolute unknown, the reality of true potentiality, and the sacred ground of material silence.

Lucid dreaming is remembering forgetting. Spontaneous enlightenment is the full potentiality of the noumenon.

The mind divides. Self-awareness is the trinity of reality. The mind identifies with the process. This hurts.

Consciousness knows the mind as a tool by first identifying with it. The meaning of a paradox is always left unsaid.

One doesn’t solve the paradox. Paradox dissolves the logic. Paradox is always unresolved.

Resolution is the latest meta-paradigm. This is called religion when it’s not the latest. The latest meta-paradigm is scientific materialism.

There are many conspiracy theories based on something missing. The mind will always try to prove it is or isn’t. Faith is knowing that I am.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Formula One

The koan may be the easiest example of this formula: as consciousness is the expression of the absolute, divine imagination is the expression of consciousness, and spontaneous revelation is the expression of divine imagination.

The same formula holds true for other forms of divine imagination such as sutra, myth, parable, psalm, and poetry in general. Beside written poetries, there are talks, discourses, semons, dialogues, and other oral poetry.

It is said Rumi spoke his verse spontaneously and it was recorded by a scribe. Beyond the technical details of rhyme and meter, this is not different than all Nisargadatta’s dialogues.

In effect, the great turning of personal deconstruction, divine imagination, and spontaneous revelation is the trinity of self-awareness in this ouroboric universe of enlightening intent.


After writing this I see this Nisargadatta quote: “The talks are spontaneously flowing out. I am not framing them. I myself am often amazed as to why these types of profound expressions are emerging, and people who listen to my talks are also nonplussed because they are not able to frame any questions based on my talks.”

Synchronicity is not occasional but nonstop. Conditioned consciousness doesn't recognize that fact. This is a feature of such conditioning.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

talking this ouroboric universe

Disidentifying with its tool, consciousness is free to use the mind for some divine imagination.

As consciousness is the expression of the godhead, mythic imagination is the expression of consciousness.

Thus, personal deconstruction, mythic imagination, and spontaneous revelation is the trinity of self-awareness.

Any form of nihilism is self-awareness interruptus. Like fundamentalist religion, scientific materialism, or being stuck in deconstruction.

The trinity of mythic imagination is loving, paradoxical, and poetic.

just because i'd misidentified myself
with this tool of mind for a spell
doesn't mean the tool itself is bad
or useless

and revelation
is expression
of divine

the rise and fall of empires,
lucid dreaming,
and the backwards big bang black hole

myth devolves into belief
and not vice versa.
atlantis is drowned by religion.
it's a mythic metaphor.

no division. no logic. no users manual; just pointing.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

talking bhakta

In this 21st century schizoid culture, scientific materialism is the last grand concept to be deconstructed and almost never is.

On the one side of this razor's edge is fundamentalist religion and on the other side, big science, the two great nihilisms of the world today.

And nondual materialism is the ninth circle of scientific nihilism. I'll take my Tao with Sufi, thank you very much. And jnana is to deconstruction as bkakta is to bodhicitta.

In a world of science, one must double-down on love, my love. Love is nothing personal, to say it in a scientific way. Belief is nothing but.

Wisdom is Lao Tzu. Love, Chuang Tzu. Laozi is Zhuangzi. Look, my granddaughter is the latest guru in my collection. And if it wasn't for my daughter, I'd be dead.

another name
for the force is love
starry love
if religion is the fall, big science is the dead cat bounce
nonduality is
the greatest koan
postmodern deconstruction is easy. love is hard.
my greatest karmic
guru has been
i can't imagine
a more efficient way
your life may vary

all politics
is local;
division is
the function
of mind.
love is the universal heart,
my love!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

talking peaks and sea

The mind is a creature of time. Reality is not; in fact, many people say that truth is timeless. And consciousness is measureless and bliss is thoughtless.

Many people call this trinity satcitananda. Expressing reality in ways other than negative capability is the point of all authentic myth. But it's a razor's edge that walks between the heaven of religion and abyss of nihilism.

Many people say that mystery is not a logical word for describing truth. But myth is not a scientific field: it's paradoxical at its essence. Also universal and poetical. But scientific materialism hates love, denies true myth, and is fundamentally unsound to ears that hear.

Many people say there are two ways that go by many names. Call them deconstruction and love. Like two sides of a coin, miss one, miss both. It's rivers and mountains, not rivers or mountains. Form is transformation and vice versa. Peaks. Sea.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Way of Consciousness

Love is the groove in the heart of consciousness.

Love is like the core of unconditioned consciousness

shining through the ashes of conditioned consciousness.

Love is selfless, love is headless, love is the yawp of ouroboros.

Everything appears in consciousness including all dimensions and their mathematics.

The astrology of all emotion is universal consciousness veiled by a planetary thought.

As form is childish, belief is adolescent. As personal deconstruction is psychological maturity, self-awareness is the mystic.

While on the way, be on the lookout for political opportunists, spiritual nihilists, and other forms of western science.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Personal Deconstruction 101

A person is a thought wrapped in a thought inside a thought.

The conceptual replacement of experiential being is called one's belief system.

An emotion is the light of being filtered by a thought believed.

Shadows appear in consciousness. First the mind believes them,

then measures out their story. Into the well of mind, memory, time, shadows dive

like frogs—suddenly the world is written on the walls in a splash of color!

Monday, June 29, 2020

in no name

the body is in the time of the mind called memory.

the mind is in the space of consciousness called universe.

consciousness is in the unknown black hole of awareness called

noumenon, godhead, parabrahman, absolute, self, no name for tao.

Saturday, June 13, 2020


Pure awareness reflecting in focusing consciousness is to space-time, as body-mind is to hard memory.

They say the bodhisattva saves the world by knowing there's no world. God knows I'm not a bodhisattva. I know there's no one but myself.

Identifying with the space between and not the face of Gregory Samsara in the mirror is happening one morning.

The revelation that the world is only in my head and all I know is this knowing space I name myself, is like the thunder.

After the abyss reclaims itself, there's an echo like ecstatic wine, good loving and song on the northern rim of the canyon.

In this streaming play of consciousness, there's sleepwalking, lucid dreaming, and inhabiting the character. Inquire within.

Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret

as absolute awareness retracts consciousness, there's an ecstasy

call this ecstasy self-awareness

can self-awareness be induced. this is the secret behind all alchemy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Love River

There's nothing bad about desire. There's nothing wrong about explosives. Handle everything with love.

No one sells their soul. People buy securities. Like the psychological equivalent of opium, you can never build your high high enough.

Desire lost within a world of thought is highly explosive. This desire in being called enlightening intent is the sword of self-awareness.

More money is spent on marketing than the military. They say a good defense is a good offensive line.

Forgiving oneself is like the sacrament of rebirth. One is born into conditioning now reborn to that which is never born.

There's so much green June along this river of desire I can hear the people of the Merrimack naming it swift space of consciousness.

Here’s non-doing as it works in human beings. You've already decided what you're going to do. In fact, it’s already done.

People spend the so-called space-time in-between rationalizing why. Being stays in the lane of love and follows its direction.


desire is a dirty word in any empire, be it religious or scientific

even true desire is subject to its selling out like any objective billionaire

kerouac called his bodhisattva dean moriarty and not some nameless holmes because desire in postwar america is exploding like james dean clear off the silver screen

political speech is ninety-nine percent conditioning and one percent repeat

universal consciousness is naturally compassionate towards all conditioned consciousness. sometimes we cry.

the summer solstice takes forty days and forty nights. day five is learning this by nightfall.

the free in free will is actually a verb

unfollowing rationalization, one follows oneself

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

See Change

Change appears to be gradual from great heights. But in the valley, change is the current mood of the river.

There is a time to tell it slant and a time for telling. After the sea change comes the first wave.

As one who has known deep sleep, I can tell you dreams are neither wrong nor right.

Whatever will be has already happened. Look for ripples from the so-called future and call them signs.

Thus the last world war was virtual. Spontaneity may be timeless but its manifestation makes a sound.

Memory is notoriously unreliable. Prophecy is as trustworthy as the trust I have for my heart.

June 6th is the first day of summer by my calculations. Dogwoods begin to flower. Look for Ursa Minor.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Night of Trinity

Begin at the beginning is just another way of saying consciousness is monarch. Am I awareness, being, and intent, butterfly?

If unity is necessarily fascist and duality is inherently violent, then any holy trinity is obviously magical.

This is why the best of empires are political. One who's busy taking sides is never three.

Three is parent, child, and evolution. Three is wisdom, love, and tantric in-between. Three is word, sentence, paraverse.

This is when a natural metaphor appears. I hear the motorboats along the tongue of river sandbar beneath the half moon turning full.

wearing a mask in a pandemic is like wearing clothes in society. believe me, you want me to.

any decent trinity is first sign of nonduality

no sides but sideways

666 is a manufactured trinity of mere belief. being is 333...

dreaming 101. to know a trope when you are one, know first what a damned trope is.

in other words, a figure of speech

self-awareness is my job. suffering is leisure time.

conditioned consciousness believes one is separate from the universal. first there's pain and this is why there's pain. basically, it's the second noble truth.

idleness, idleness, idleness

maintain body. entertain mind.

being be

suffering, separation, being, idleness

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I Usurp

The defining quality of the personal is believing in a self separate from the universal.

Within the evolutionary process of absolute self-awareness, this is not a bug as much as it's a feature.

Absolute self-awareness, at last, is conceptual, and there is no usurpation of the absolute which is not conceptual.

Enlightenment isn't personal but it's certainly individual as self-awareness presupposes self.

This is not the way of love although such love is generated in its wake. I am the universe and all is my projection.

1. pain is the universal reminding the mind that it’s not personal. suffering is the mind ignoring the obvious.

2. so the mind gets lost in itself. whirlpool meet river.

3. social conditioning may be viral but being is immaculate. scientific materialist, heal thyself.

fear of transformation is the human condition. 
deriding silence is a mind trip.

to pure being, belief is disease, of course.
to an uneasy mind, simple disbelief is supernatural healing.

self-awareness is not a destination. it’s my way.
there are as many features as there are buddhas. self-awareness is one of ten-thousand. like jesus is just one of three.

render unto caesar face masks, but render unto god original face.
did donald trump save seven billion people? one shall never know.

don’t bet your birthright on anything but a sure thing.
only consciousness is sure. all things only appear in it.

honor the blessed sacrifice of empire and wake up
appreciate the indoor plumbing and wake up
annoint the body of the sacred deer and wake up

4. enlightenment. some folks hate that word. meet my myth.

love is like an ouroboros.
a tail emerges from the yawp.
self-awareness is an ouroboros
swallowing the story seeing through it.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Moonflower Moonflower

Without the mind, there is no self-awareness. To the mind, self-awareness is crown jewel of evolutionary theory.

If self-awareness isn't, nothing is. Nameless awareness being self-aware isn't myth as much as primal mind.

If all is well, then mind is too. Face it, all ways lead to self-awareness. If the ground is earth, self-awareness is the flower;

if the ground is sky, self-awareness is a super moon. And as there is no place for love like earth, there is no place for wisdom like the sky.

Consider the night-blooming moonflower. Empire calls it ipomoea. Call it both ways now.

There's no need to polish a flower. There’s not a memory of last night’s new moon.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Art of Way and Aviary Metaphor

Memory is a rabbit hole. Being is the way. Belief is like the manufacture of a way made out of memory.

Way isn't made of memory. Way is not a form. The way is natural, transformative, intentional, spontaneous, and self-aware.

The way is not a thought of some design. You cannot memorize the way but love it. You cannot objectify the way but be it.

You can’t even name the way without dividing way and the way is not divisible. Call this the first paradox.

The way is like the spring. First there is a flower. Then there is a metaphor. Last there is a name. Experience, art, and empire.

There's a bird of black and white at rest but orange flame in flight. Call it the valley spirit.

one who lives by memory dies by memory.

memory is the stuff of form. transformation is the stuff of emptiness.

instructors teach. knowing loves.

the name of original sin is any name.

art remembers experience. names forget.

empires only rise and fall. spirit is and isn’t.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

This Consciousness Song

If consciousness is the secret, thought is the box. Ipso facto, there's no thinking outside the box. The box is just a day of rain.

In a desert flower garden, there's a gateless fence and the memory of smell. For consciousness is what remains after all thought dries.

There's no describing consciousness. This is why there's song. And dance. Haiku business or Gregorian chant.

There's nothing but consciousness. Everything appears in consciousness. There's no such thing as unconsciousness.

And all that is not consciousness is the unknown godhead and unmanifest love supreme.

1. thinking outside the box is doublespeak for rethinking things.

2. in a desert flower would be more imagistic but in a garden would be more mythic—but the tropes of gate and smell require both. so desert flower garden is the great compromise of this particular paraverse.

one of the genius things about ryokan is his lovely commentary on living understanding being. he'd be great on twitter.

3. binary code behind this particular revelation: memory describes / being sings

4. an homage to the belfast cowboy.

5. maharaj and trane.

pervading oligarchy and democracy is emptiness no matter what you believe

there's an argument for either one to cut the losses

that's the hard thing about a zero sum game

love dances to a different drummer every day. because deep sleep.

coyote knows what you want but the guru knows what you need. so what's the difference?

believe it or not, as bhoga is to bhakta, scientific materialism is to yogacara

there is more than one way of looking at a blackbird, wallace stevens

time is always interesting somewhere

"it's my party and i'll cry if i want to"

projection is love

denial isn't

repeat after me

i am the antibody

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Divining Embodiment

Not only all appears in consciousness but all is consciousness. So consciousness focuses indigenous intelligence into mind and mind conceives a body.

As the mind identifies with its concept, discernment turns to judgment, focus disperses into dissolution, and universal harmony disintegrates into individual violence.

Since this identification is with a concept, this fall is all conceptual as well. And since the mind of consciousness is intelligent discernment, the medicine for all conceptual disease is seeing through the concept.