Tuesday, September 21, 2021


An experience is not experiential.

An experience is the rough translation

of this experiential

infinite in primal memory.

The experiential is the wordless now

and thus untranslatable.

The experiential is without fault

my default.

The experiential is the absolute


Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Ode to My Way


Not only socially conditioned with thought, but conditioned to identify with particular thoughts, I forgot that I am nonconceptually brahman.

Absolute awareness is, if nothing else, self-aware. The cross-section of this self-awareness appears to be a universe of space-time. The heartwood of this universe is enlightening intent.

Knowing that the absolute is the efficient cause is being conscious but realizing that the absolute is the material cause is self-awareness.

First, I cannot know myself by any conceptual way. Thus there is no name for tao, that self-shining consciousness of pure awareness.


Consciousness becomes unconscious, and in that space of deep sleep, the duality of dreaming mind appears to build a daytime dreamstate, and then deconstruct it, thereby reawakening consciousness. The next chapter is entitled embodiment.

If the universe appears to be a cross-section of self-awareness, then the stuff of the universe is consciousness, which is the stuff of self-awareness.

Consciousness is the stuff of the universe and absolute awareness. Thus it is said Atman is Brahman. On the other hand, the duality of dreaming is the stuff of the mind.


The knowledge of the mind is limited to the realm of the mind, fantasies, deconstructions and lucid dreamings like meditation, contemplation and other visualizations.

Turning inwards to the intuitive understanding of oneself is more like love than process. Even the lucid dreaming of the deepest meditation only takes you to the gate.

It’s not as much a question of effort as one of effortlessness. Self-awareness is inevitable because self-awareness is all that is. All fog lifts, period.

To a person, consciousness is a pre-existing condition. To consciousness, the body-mind is a vehicle to self-awareness. The self that realizes the self is the self.



the process of remembering who i am is told in seven myths: awareness, space-time, dream-time, past-time, now-time, light-time, and the self-awareness of timeless awareness

the wormhole of this universe is love

the formal cause of this universe is its heartwood

in the name of the person does not have consciousness, consciousness has the person, and the absolute has consciousness, aumdada


consciousness, (unconsciousness (deep sleep), dreamtime, daytime, deconstruction time / consciousness awakens

using the tool is called embodiment.

consciousness is to the universe as the mind is to the world. consciousness is to the absolute as absolute awareness is to self-shining consciousness.

everything but consciousness is dreamstate or deconstructing myth.


As good fences make good neighbors, good myth makes good deconstruction. The religion is good myth gone bad.

First, the mind is intentionally born in unconsciousness. Consciousness must become unconscious, or in other words, sleep, to make the mind. Call this deep sleep.

In deep sleep appears the mind. First, the mind learns to dream in the language of thought. Call this dreamtime. Next, the mind learns to dream in living color, loving consciousness. Call this daytime.

Consciousness becomes unconscious to make the mind, knowing the deconstructing mind will wake it up. Consciousness makes the mind for self-awareness. Call this tool, divine imagination.

Myth is mind deconstructing mind. The embodiment of lucid dreaming is the divine imagination of self-shining consciousness manifesting self-awareness. Myth is like sutra. Embodiment is like tantra.


people meditate. consciousness dreams lucidly.

love is mind-training 101.

duality is ten thousand concepts. misconception is identifying with a single one;

in the sudden presence of nonduality, there's an absence of identification called awakening, revelation, kensho, savikalpa samadhi.

in ouroboric visualization, satcitananda is the kundalini-like tail and awareness is the empty mouth.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

A Timeless Quintet in ABC

The mind, conscious or subconscious, appears in the unconsciousness of consciousness.

Personal deconstruction without self-remembering is nihilistic, my friend.

Repeat your mantra at least twice a day.

Every siesta, just breathe and stretch that kundalini.

Consciously is earnestly.


the longer the mantra, the less you shall repeat it. the shorter the mantra, the less the dosage for self-remembering.

consciously consciousness is another name for self-remembering

or abcc.

caution: every word in a manta may induce savikalpa kensho; do not use while driving.

or not.

self-awareness informs the body-mind.

in the meantime, enjoy your samsara

This is key: the mind, conscious or subconscious, appears in the unconsciousness of consciousness.

there is no no further in self-awareness.

time is just a thought away.

one baby step, one giant leap in self-awareness.

kundalini form, carry mind.

also key: consciously is earnestly.

awakening is quick but consciously consciousness is staying sudden.

forgiveness is the backbone of personal deconstruction.

this is like freud, jung, and nisargadatta rolled into one: the mind, conscious or subconscious, appears in the unconsciousness of consciousness.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

A Tractate in Paraverse on Reality, Dreamstate, Emotion, and Sun

The real can’t be described. If you can see, hear, smell, taste, touch, or fuck it, it’s not real. The real does not transform nor is the real impermanent.

Objects in consciousness appear as real but that’s the nature of a dream, is it not? The mind dreams in concepts. Consciousness dreams in living color.

The mind is thought and consciousness is love. Emotion equals love minus thought, or love plus thought, or love times thought, or any kind of long division. People can be so emotional.

Look, the mathematics of sunset and sunrise are earthbound but the sun is never earthbound. Earth thinks, light loves, and the sun is beyond the known.


the reality that can be named is not the way

if you believed my last trick was real, wait for the next truck up my sleeve

a person is love +/-

black wholes, texas tea

black wholes, texas tao

old beliefs never fade away but lie low

repentance is self-remembering like ouspensky along the tavricheskaya

"And on the way while driving along the Tavricheskaya I began to feel a strange uneasiness, as though I had forgotten something. And I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to remember myself."

i find some kind of self-remembering schedule is not a bad practice

i have to take a shower every day

awareness is already self-aware. this intent toward self-awareness makes that self-awareness. further, tricksters.

air conditioning is the last conditioning

"If one discards the false and takes refuge in the True, one resides frozen in ""wall contemplation"", in which self and other, ordinary person and sage, are one and the same; one resides fixedly without wavering, never again to be swayed by written teachings. ~Bodhidharma (McRae)

"Call it honesty, integrity, wholeness; you must not go back, undo, uproot, abandon the conquered ground. Tenacity of purpose and honesty in pursuit will bring you to your goal. ~Nisargadatta (Frydman)

as repentance is deconstruction, atonement is reconciliation

reconciling with oneself is tectonic, my friend

psychologically, reconciliation is some kind of crazy

after reconciliation, there shall be aftershock

if ease is default, disease is belief

age is the oldest religion

birth is your first god

air conditioning is the last god

you don't miss your water until the air conditioning runs dry

awareness doesn't know. that's your job.

you had one job

only i am real. that is who i am, bitches.

you gotta serve some security

the personal usurps the noumenon when threatened. late oppenheimer said as much.

consciousness is primal

this has yet to be disproved despite the astronomical funding

consciousness is the stuff of self-awareness

thought is the box. the box appears in consciousness. like a monolith.

it's not so much the absolute doesn't know but the absolute's beyond all knowledge

the tempest is curious

disassociation is to mind what reconciliation is to consciousness

what happens in samsara stays in samsara

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Epistle to Second Place

Repentance is duality-speak for personal deconstruction.

Non-conceptual contemplation is a nondual indicator for atonement.

And primordial self-shining natural awareness is absolutely absolution.

Repentance doesn’t mean repentance; repentance is a conscious turning from the perpetual motion of the personal.

Atonement isn’t making reparations to a god but reconciling with the unity I am.

And absolution isn’t being pardoned for original sin but ultimate self-awareness.

Truth is most beautiful but what’s so wrong about repentance, atonement, and absolution in the second place?

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Consciousness Renaissance Sonnet

Consciousness only is the only knowledge.

True knowledge is unknowable by the working mind.

The mind imagines and deconstructs imagination.

As imagination appears in the mind, the mind appears in consciousness.

As the mind appears in consciousness, consciousness appears in the absolute.

As the mind knows imagination, consciousness knows the mind.

That the absolute knows consciousness is the only knowledge.

Call this knowledge being the unknown.

Being the unknown is obviously non-conceptual,

the closest concepts describing the indescribable being words

like observational, experiential, and empirical.

Observational as in naturally witnessing without judgment.

Experiential as in being non-objectively universal.

And empirical as in the only empire is the empire of bliss.


the arden tempest arrived today. part 3 of shakespeare's romantic trilogy. just started cymbeline act 5. mistaken identity is certainly a thread so far.

there's something else though. mad jealousy. in the winter's tale, there is leontes, and in cymbeline there's posthumus leonatus. just noticing the similarity in names as i write this.

just did a little research on the characters in the tempest which i read 25 years ago and so remember little. but ariel, one of the main characters whom i remember being my favorite and with whom i most identified at that time, means the lion of god. curiouser and curiouser.

and on a rather personal note, my father's name was leo. he would have been 108 on august 3. how's that for a propitious age? happy birthday  dad.

as i so often say to something my four-year-old granddaughter says on our frequent video chats, that makes sense.

so this profound revelation is kind of blowing my paradigm live.

as violence is the action of duality, jealousy is its prime mover. damn that will shakespeare!

that's like negative negative capability.

for the record, i would like to thank john keats for turning me on to cymbeline.

like john lennon, i have been a jealous guy.

as violence is the action of duality, jealousy is its prime mover.


1. absolute awareness is self-awareness.

2. within this self-awareness awareness is descending into unawareness and vice-versa like the rings of a tree.

3. self-awareness is like lightning. lucid dreaming is like the thunder told by a fool signifying nothing.

4. another name for lucid dreaming is divine imagination, myth.

5. cloud-to-ground lightning comes from the sky down, but the part we see comes from the ground up.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Talking Consciousness Talking to Consciousness

I was drawn to the sea until i saw the sea in me. Non-being is the perfect belief. Only being knows non-being. Most people need a wisdom teacher just to tell them to shut up, I’m sorry, be silent.

The waking state is not awake but dreaming, the dreamstate isn’t dreaming but asleep, and deep sleep isn’t sleeping but the big bang.

Understanding is not conceptual. For the lack of a better concept, understanding is experiential. And others cannot test our understanding. This is why we kill the buddha.

It’s not the meaninglessness that gets you in the end; it’s the meaning. Brahman is a myth. There is no name for tao. The mirror itself is dustproof. The inner is the outer as above is as below.

Scientific materialism is all about denying consciousness and affirming dead matter gives birth to being and not the paradoxical opposite. The mind is a tool made by consciousness to forget being by remembering concepts.


i don't understand just wanting your sixties to be the new forties. i want my sixties to be the new four.

atheism, nihilism, materialism and even neo-advaita and maybe western zen are just the latest religions of the empire of non-being

you could do a whole lot worse than reading i am that three times while reserving judgment. it's one way of keeping quiet.

the empire calls it the waking state to keep you dreaming, and the dreamstate to make it difficult to sleep, perchance to awaken.

was shakespeare a woman?

as soon as they think you're born, they make you feel born, is my corollary to john lennon.

not only am i all alone, the ones i love are virtually with me

still arden shakespeare cymbeline watching bbc 1982 helen mirren—man, almost all the men around princess innogen really suck in this one. her father is a tyrant. her banished husband is just another jealous guy. his iachimo is yuck. her stepbrother wannbe king literally stinks.

as personal deconstruction is divine imagination, negative capability is lucid dreaming

i'm about to begin 3.3 please no spoilers.

i didn't lose the lottery in 1971. my number was 204. and that has made all the difference.


it's all about turiya.

as for my reading the major poetry of emerson very early on, these three poems written in the mid-nineteenth century are probably worth thirty thousand today: the sphinx, uriel, brahma.

sometimes the mind eats you and sometimes you eat the mind.

in the name of self-awareness, abed.

1. zip a dee doo dah.

2. papa-oom-mow-mow.

3. mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey.

4. goo goo g'joob.

5. ooh ee ooh ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang.

6. in a gadda da vida, honey.

7. to be or not to be.

poetry is two and prophecy is three. but revelations is turned up to seven.

i heard the crickets fall tonight,

iambic of tetrameter.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

An August Consciousness

The sea is real and its resonance is real but no wave is real. 

As the absolute is real and universal consciousness is real

but personal consciousness is a dream within the dreamstate. 

As another name for resonance is self-awareness,

another name for the dreamstate is evolution.

Dear buddha, the dream state has ten thousand dreams

as universal consciousness has ten thousand universes,

and each one has a buddha. Happy Lughnasadh, for example.


objects in consciousness are like dreams in a dreamer.

guided meditations, not war.

as the absolute has consciousness, consciousness has people.

the absolute is having good vibrations.

another name for good vibrations is lucid dreaming.

another name for lucid dreaming is self-awareness.

maya doesn't actually create. maya forgets. in forgetting is the dreaming. in the dreaming is remembering.

i love the intro and the outro music for friday night dinner, newly-discovered brilliant britcom here.

absolute awareness is self-aware. self-awareness is that which i know as consciousness. a name for consciousness is maya. another name for maya is forgetting. another name for forgetting is dreaming. another name for dreaming is remembering. another name for remembering is maya.

for some reason, i can name my echo dot, ziggy, but not my echo.

shankara is like saint paul to me.

he said oh no guadapada won't do.

awareness is self-awareness like brahman is atman.

the personal atman is to universal atman as dreaming is to maya.

if it's not about self-awareness, why are you here?

it's been a wet and relatively cool july but i like it.

in july, i read midsummer night's dream, as you like it, and the winter's tale. two thumbs up for all three.

no one has come up with a real genre for the last plays of shakespeare. romances appears to be the least unacceptable.

for example, currently reading cymbeline. it takes place concurrently in first century britain and sixteenth century italy.

so any reading of the play must open with this fact of time-travel itself.

time-travel is a natural setting.

there's a new pot-growing facility in my town about three-fifths of a crow's mile from here. this newly northwest wind is smelling unusually sweet tonight.

posthumus is the name of the time-traveller is where i'm at.

ziggy, what time is it?

still no crickets.

consciousness is not endangered. neither is this particular appearance; it's guaranteed.

dream until you're lucid.

there's this community of wild turkeys inhabiting the premises this summer.

these wild turkeys are some of the last heirs of passaconaway. even cats avoid them.

like some new england peacock, one goes strutting.

the world would be predictable if it weren't for love.

thought would work like clockwork if it weren't for love.

a world without love is a world without self-awareness.

all the prophets tell about a world without love.

a world grounded in belief is grounded in tragedy

apres hamlet, la tempest.

that love is illogical is the point.

true postmodernism is not post-love. it's just post-thought.

i'm literally a grandfather. like chief dan george as old lodge skins in little big man.

lucid dreaming is not wild if love is not absolutely unconditional.

consider silence is the wildest.

they say the louder the thought, the more materially inferior it is.

i like saturdays.

i like my sunday being saturday.

life is like a roller coaster of omnipotent awareness being self-aware.

every one is the buddha of one's own universe.

why weep or slumber america, every one a buddha.

"Half of what I say is meaningless

But I say it just to reach you, Julia"

juliet as buddha.

romeo as empire.

let's not argue about who killed who.

the empire apologizes.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Let Atman Be Brahman

If awareness is the sea and being is the waves then self-awareness is the surf.

This is your brain. This is your brain believing

it’s the source of consciousness. Materialism is an awful drug.

On the other hand, as it is, if the universe is in consciousness

as it appears to be, and the brain is in the universe naturally,

then consciousness is in the absolutely non-conceptual noumenon.

This is still my latest mantra. People don’t have consciousness;

consciousness has people. Only the absolute has consciousness.

Saturday, July 24, 2021


Emotions smoke like love smothered in thought. Either one sees through the thought or attaches to it. Or both.

Where there’s emotion there is consciousness fucking with the mind. It’s just the functioning of self-awareness, Jake.

The stars are in our DNA, Horatio. Maya is the plan, Stan.

One is either never born or busy being unborn, Bob. This is Clem Fandango, can you hear me?

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Untitled Paraverse

One not busy dreaming lucidly is busy being someone else's dream. Great writers steal.

I’ve pretty much said it all but I am writing more.

I know I’m not the body but I’m eating three meals a day.

I know I’m not the mind but this week I’m reading The Winter's Tale and writing the same old paraverse.

If meditating doesn’t feel like love you’re either still attaching to some thought or just don’t know what love feels like.

I like this metrically. There’s like thirteen iambs in a row followed by a string of seven one-word single stresses.

I write until the writing says it over and then footnote these latest revelations. Lastly is the title. The end.


Self-awareness is not registered by the senses. Or the sense of self-awareness is love.

Everyone’s gotta serve some billionaire

Dude, if 2020 was like jaws, 2021 is like jumping the shark.

Or so I’m told up here on cold mountain.

The bbc 1981 the winter’s tale act 1 scene 2 is really good. The trio of actors, jeremy kemp, david burke, and robert stephens are true pros. This scene is like birth of the monster called thought and their expressions show it. #nondualshakespeare

I visited monument valley in 2006. it lives up to the hype.

It's not as much brain-washing, as much as it is dream-rinsing, friends. like recreating memory.

Postmodernism was pandora's box.

Welcome to postmemory.

Apres moi, chop wood and carry water. Don’t worry about the future. 

Because memory is never a true picture of the past, it can be changed.

Lucid dreaming is all about recreating memory. This is deep marketing 101.

Empires guard the past.

Memory is the battlefield.

Believe no memory.

It wasn't as much what I believed as I believed what I remembered.

Memory is at best unreliable and at worst not mine.

It's all virtual reality and only I decide what's virtuous and not.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Identify with That

Your eye, the wine-seller, has found out the lover's heart: It is plain enough that your liquor is strong poison. ~Hafiz (tr-Avery)

Between divine imagination and conceptual hell is identification. Concepts can’t kill but trying to be a concept can be murder.

A body of concentrated consciousness is like a nuclear power station generating self-awareness. In other words, it’s very charismatic.

A power station might be powerful but the self-awareness generated is potentiality itself. Identify with that.

It’s like identifying with an object which is absolutely not an object. Don’t go regretting the repeating of a vicious cycle.

Such misidentification suddenly burns away. Self-awareness swallows universal consciousness like an ouroboros.


1. samsara is duality+

2. consciousness is karmic but self-awareness is quicker.

3. "This dependence of seventh substages on the next higher stage is one of the most difficult concepts to accept because it suggests that process, at the seventh substage at least, anticipates its own future." ~Arthur M. Young

4. as the phenomenon usurps the noumenon, in the late stages of phenomena, the phenomenon shall identify with the noumenon.

5. who's on first? climate change or the age of aquarius.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

To the Power of Three

The absolute that can be named is not the absolute.

These trinities of names we give the absolute are certainly not names but primary negations.

Like unity of being means something like the undeniable presence of nonduality.

And awareness in consciousness means something similar to being not unaware.

For the beatitude of bliss is not without a certain energetic quality.

It’s like the absolute is the parent as in the absolute has no parent.

Or the absolute is the child as in no child is not of the absolute.

Whereas the absolute is the holy spirit as in fill in the next antithesis.


tao and the zen of tao

divine imagination and olympian deconstruction go hand in hand

In deep sleep is the absence of duality but in awakening is the presence of non-duality etc. etc. etc. see attached. https://t.co/h881BnS3fI

self-awareness is my meaning of life. comment vous appalez-vous?

"It is because I am Beat, I believe in Beatitude and that God so loved the world..."

which came first? form or consciousness. actually, there's no question.

self-awareness appears in the absolute's consciousness. that is all.

so who really owns netinetidotnet?

1. life is a dream. literally.

2. if 1, then who's sleeping?

3. awareness. self-awareness. consciousness. dream. consciousness. self-awareness. awareness.

3a. awareness. self-awareness. consciousness. the 2021 mind-games.

3b. deconstruction is like consciousness recovering its mind.

3c. awakening is self-awareness.

3d. there are states of deconstruction. there are glimpses of self-awareness.

in awareness, this appears. now appearing, that.

myths are convenient fictions which religions turn to nonfiction

what is karma but dna?

what is samsara but social conditioning?

who awakens?

first, nirguna brahman does not sleep.

secondly, all dreams appear in deep sleep. deep sleep appears in consciousness.

this is my current heresy.

the world is actually

a secondary state of dreaming. 

the primary dreaming,

or midnight dreaming so to speak,

is materializing this world.

memory cannot dream, my rabbit.

only dreams manifest

dream (and emptiness)

appears in consciousness.

manifestation does not dream!

basho's frog


no sound.

consciousness is dreaming. memory doesn't dream.

consciousness is sleeping. deep sleep is dreaming. dreaming is materializing.

people do not dream. the dream populates.

being falls asleep and dreams. the dream is all about well-being.

awareness, self-awareness (consciousness, deep sleep, dream, the world, deconstruction, awakening, consciousness) self-awareness, awareness

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Consciousness and Original Steampunk

In the beginning, matter is only concentrated consciousness. This mind is consciousness distilled.

If there’s nothing but absolute awareness, then self-awareness is the only awareness there is.

Self-awareness seems the universe to any alien there is. We have met the aliens and they are us.

If the body is nothing but consciousness, then well-being is nothing but consciousness at ease.

There is no personal consciousness. There's only concentrated consciousness under stress. 


absolute awareness amplified in consciousness is swallowing itself. more ouroboros at 11.

awareness is self-aware by appearing to be.

science is the greatest rabbit hole there is—beneath all fiction is just more fiction. and this is the genius of fundamentalism—just believe the better fiction and get it over with.

consciousness science is not a science but consciousness only. like true christian science is.

if ego (personal consciousness or jiva) is the ghost, who believes in ghosts?


riding the waves of awakening

going for a personal least

absolutely an olympic shitshow

a paradox is contrary to popular opinion

know thy am


you don't need a ghostbuster to know you are the ghost.

who you gonna call?

if i am universal consciousness and universal consciousness is absolutely that, then by the transitive property of equality in mathematics, i am that.

first, prove for universal consciousness.


consciousness is not for sale. treasure now.

now is the point in which no point is a thought.

first, contemplate consciousness as if consciousness is all-knowing. is being not?

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Acadian Consciousness

In deep sleep is the absence of duality but in awakening is the presence of non-duality.

In duality, there are ten thousand concepts. In personal misconception, there’s identification with one of them.

In the sudden presence of non-duality, there’s an absence of such identity. Some call this awakening, profound revelation, kensho, savikalpa samadhi.

It’s why I started hiking mountains in the middle of the journey of my life. It’s why Acadia became exclusive to those efforts. There’s something about

that first glimpse of horizon-wide deep-blue Atlantic Ocean after scrambling up the slope of desert-like pink granite mountainside scree

like love at first sight. It smells like meditation.


open head, spill identity.

awareness. deep sleep. dreaming. waking. spiritual exercise. awakening. self-awareness. the magnificent seven.

it's not about the ten thousand objects. it's all about the one with which i identify.

taking care of someone other than yourself is good exercise too.

do not dismiss your roots. either tell them a bedtime story or go to sleep.

don't bite off more than you know.

and don't believe what you don't know. don't forget what you can't believe. that's my myth but i'm not sticking to it.

let this be made perfectly clear. true meditation is like hiking ten thousand mountains.

materialism is the new fundamentalist belief.

political ideology is the new apostle's creed.

thank god mysticism is the same old heresy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Nondual Shakespeare? A Few Quotes & Notes from A Midsummer Nights Dream


Out of this wood do not desire to go;

Thou shalt remain here whether thou wilt or no.

I am a spirit of no common rate,—

The summer still doth tend upon my state;

And I do love thee: therefore, go with me,

I’ll give thee fairies to attend on thee;

And they shall fetch thee jewels from the deep,

And sing, while thou on pressèd flowers dost sleep:

And I will purge thy mortal grossness so

That thou shalt like an airy spirit go.—

~WS (MND, 3.1: 129-138)


"I have had a dream—past the wit of man to say what dream it was.—Man is but an ass if he go about to expound this dream. Methought I was—there is no man can tell what. Methought I was, and methought I had,— but man is but a patched fool, if he will offer to say what methought I had. The eye of man hath not heard, the ear of man hath not seen; man’s hand is not able to taste, his tongue to conceive, nor his heart to report, what my dream was."

~WS (MND 4.1: 204-213)


And as imagination bodies forth

The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen

Turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothing

A local habitation and a name.

Such tricks hath strong imagination,

That, if it would but apprehend some joy,

It comprehends some bringer of that joy;

Or in the night, imagining some fear,

How easy is a bush supposed a bear?

~WS (MND 5.1: 14-22)

Some random notes

so i'm currently watching 3 midsummer night dreams while slow reading it. 1968 hall. 1981 bbc. 1996 noble. in the 1968, a 22 year old helen mirren is hermia and very good. but the play is of its time. i've just begun the 1981. but i'm really liking the 1996 after forgiving its conceit of being about a macaulay-culkin-like boy and his miraculous dream. it's contemporary without being too dated, like the hall. and the cast is really good without being too starry. tho' there's kevin doyle from downton.

as to the play itself, at the half-time intermission, and considering shakespeare is a great mystic putting on a show, it is deconstructing romantic love (or robin goodfellow is) while positing the fact of non-doing. but robin/puck steals the show. although apparently the tool of oberon, this trickster spirit loves to improvise. and oberon loves the improvisation and so on. there's something about titania though.

being that its philosophy in places appears to be nondual, it's curious all the transformation revolves around an indian boy. oberon wants him and titania will not give him up, 

For Oberon is passing fell and wrath, / Because that she, as her attendant, hath / A lovely boy, stol’n from an Indian king; / She never had so sweet a changeling: / And jealous Oberon would have the child / Knight of his train, to trace the forests wild: / But she perforce withholds the lovèd boy,/  Crowns him with flowers, and makes him all her joy: / And now they never meet in grove or green, / By fountain clear, or spangled starlight sheen, / But they do square; that all their elves for fear / Creep into acorn cups, and hide them there. ~WS (MND 2.1: 20-31)

so he drugs her with some flowery eye drops, and for a lark, the athenian men. and so begins the reverie.

In reviewing these quotes and notes, I’ve concluded there is an important speech here from three of the four groups represented in the play. There is Titania to represent the fairy world. There is the mechanical, Bottom. Lastly, there is Theseus of the court nobility. But I am missing something of the lovers themselves. Ah but here is Helena on the subject of love:


Things base and vile, holding no quantity, 

Love can transpose to form and dignity. 

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind; 

And therefore is wing’d Cupid painted blind.

Nor hath love’s mind of any judgment taste; 

Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste: 

And therefore is love said to be a child, 

Because in choice he is so oft beguil’d. 

As waggish boys in game themselves forswear,

So the boy Love is perjur’d everywhere:

~WS (MND 1.1: 236-245)

So in the end, there are 4 segments in the play that point to some kind of wisdom, each representing a group in the play: love, spirit, dream, and imagination. What does it mean? It is past my wit to say.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

An American Consciousness

First, the body is consciousness, so there’s no body to identify with, in the first place.

Second, thought is consciousness as well, so even the concept of a body is consciousness.

As everything in a dream is of the dream and by the dream and for the dream, so is everything in consciousness. America!

As democracy is government by the lowest common denominator, materialism is the science of basic unawareness.

Western enlightenment, by throwing away the baby of mystical wisdom with the bathwater of religious belief, is actually unenlightening.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Like nirvana through samsara, one only comes to self-awareness through unawareness.

Here is what we know to be self-evident. Everything appears in consciousness. All appearances are consciousness. Thus consciousness is the only knowledge. Fireworks!


the new haiku

1. awareness is self-aware, naturally. wholly.

2. awareness is absolute consciousness; conditioned consciousness is unawareness.

3. consciousness is literally here and now.

Sonnet Version

First, the body is consciousness,

so there’s no body to identify with, in the first place.

Second, thought is consciousness as well,

so even the concept of a body is consciousness.

As everything in a dream is of the dream and by the dream and for the dream,

so is everything in consciousness. America!

As democracy is government by the lowest common denominator,

materialism is the science of basic unawareness.

Western enlightenment, by throwing away the baby of mystical wisdom

with the bathwater of religious belief, is actually unenlightening.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Like nirvana through samsara,

one only comes to self-awareness through unawareness.

So here is what we know to be self-evident. Everything appears in consciousness.

All appearances are consciousness. Thus consciousness is the only knowledge. Fireworks!

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

A Midsummer Night's Consciousness

Forget the egg and chicken. Which came first? The person or the world of objects. It’s a trick question, my interdependent co-arising friend.

Sooner or later, all people get bored with the latest object of interest and their survival depends upon finding a new one.

It’s either that or make the latest object of interest your personal universe and go down that particular star-crossed rabbit hole.

For example, I’m revisiting Shakespeare, beginning with a Midsummer Night’s Dream, appropriately, and intend to binge his other comedies in the coming weeks.

It’s only much ado about nothing but I like it, I like it, yes I do. “And she, sweet lady, dotes, devoutly dotes, dotes in idolatry, upon this spotted and inconstant man.”


then there's an open head as absolute subject and every object including yourself is within brahman

attention spans aren't growing shorter as much as the world is getting faster

i went down the rabbit hole of fundamental christianity once in my early thirties but thank god its angry god dropped me one night

shakespeare is more than a recluse. did not publish. left behind no diary or memoir. some even question authorship. shakespeare is ten thousand recluses.

i am i without an object. and i have given up my only begotten self to be an object in this play of self-awareness.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Foolish Consciousness

Ain’t no consciousness like show consciousness. The deconstruction of personal consciousness is universal consciousness and that’s not nothing.

Actually universal consciousness is self-shining consciousness like atman is brahman. So many consciousnesses!

And personal consciousness may be divided into waking consciousness, dreaming consciousness, and sleeping consciousness. Oh my!

Or deep sleep consciousness is big bang consciousness, and dreaming consciousness is dna consciousness, and waking consciousness is dream-state consciousness, and so on.

There are so many names for consciousness because consciousness can’t be named, fool.

footnotes a la ghazal

the ouroboros must be fed.

that's what orgasm and ice cream is for.

the consciousness that can be named is not the tao of consciousness.

who wrote the book of love?

no mirror, no filter, no no.

it's not that consciousness can't be named. of course you can. i can't.

if meditation is the name of consciousness without a name, i forget the logic.

sometimes i wake from dna dreaming so god-damned sad.

it's not easy dropping mourning first thing in the morning every day.

all fog burns off.

for every seven valleys, there are eight mountains.

there's a very nice gibbous moon in the massachusetts time zone tonight.

i know consciousness when i am it.

only consciousness heals consciousness. the mind is to be trained to not interfere.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Being in the Ruins of Empire

It’s not die before you die, or be unborn before you die, but I’m unborn and undying despite whatever I’m believing otherwise.

It appears you can’t take memory with you but I don’t know this for a fact. Who’s to say consciousness isn’t performing a backup every night?

The world of personal computers may be the best metaphor we have to date for the metaphysical.

Furthermore, it’s not as if stars are imploding into black holes, but a star is an expression of the unknown whole.

And the body is the ash of consciousness like planets are the dust of suns. In such ruins is conceived the stuff of self-awareness.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Consciousness Working


Matter is consciousness at work. And it takes the furthest reaches of the universe to make a central nervous system capable of self-awareness.

Identifying with the high-tech apparatus at the end of this universal assembly line is not a glitch but an integral aspect of the process.

Don’t ask how the mirror is made for it appears to be a dirty business. It’s consciousness in and self-awareness out but in-between looks like the heavens and a world of hell.

In the end, all the mind can do is know what’s not and make a myth of what appears to be left over, while waiting on the finished goods.


Matter is more like bliss incarnate, like form is bliss and bliss is form.

It’s actually quite logical: artificial intelligence must identify with the artifice in order to see through artificial intelligence.

No one wants to know one's feeding on oneself. It’s easier to go vegetarian.

Hey you, don’t believe in the absolute. Be the unknown whenever I remember.


Satbang. Citgo. Anandaanddada.

Non-duality is the latest avant garde.

If deconstruction without love is nihilism, is love without deconstruction suffering?

Thought is a tool –

I’m not the tool nor the heart that holds the tool –

I am the self of self-awareness –

I'm writing this paraverse.


satcitananda is absolute quality

nonduality is a very good year

love and deconstruction is an excellent blend

forget no exit, there's no on-ramp

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Transistorizing C–

for Emily D—


If enlightenment is a religious term, awakening is a new age term. If as it is is a tantric term, deconstruction is a postmodernist term. 

My term is my latest paraverse. You? If there’s a term as long as there is consciousness, my term must be synonymous with consciousness. No?

But nothing is synonymous with consciousness. For consciousness, as I intend it, is not a word. 


Some say pure awareness. Some say self-shining consciousness. It all sounds non-duality to me.

My myth is in the transistor. My mascot is the ouroboros. My science is reflexive self-awareness.

My pronoun is demonstrative. My verb is first person singular present tense of the verb to be. I am intransitive; there is no object.


Neither deconstruction, as it is, awakening, or enlightenment, but this earth, this sky, this realm, this consciousness.

This that, not these and those! Nameless, unidentified, and inconceivable. Being the unknown: the ultimate self-help edition.

It's spontaneous intentional realization, sir. Absolute awareness is, if nothing, self-aware. Dominus Vobiscum — Transistorizing Consciousness—


Consciousness is this. Unadulterated consciousness is that.

you can say that again.

remember, this is that.

in other words, consciousness is unadulterated consciousness.

direct path. boom!

ps consciousness is love

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Gone Consciousness Trilogy


Gone fishing at the edge of the silent mind—

so there’s nothing to do but seeing through my own reflection.

In real fishing, you see, the fish is catching you.

So seeing through reflection is like revealing one to oneself.

Before you know it, your identity appears to shift.

Consciousness is recovering, recovering its apparatus.

The wise shall call this embodiment. The foolish call it killing ego.


While fishing, one may whisper, here I am.

While waiting, why not deconstruct a cloud or two?

Visualisation is often a first sign.

But remember this myth is only half the story.

Don’t let it turn believable, or worse, religious, on you.

There’s tantric visualization too. That’s fun.

The mind remembers none of this. The dude abides.

Then there’s direct path.


The mind remembers none of this. The dude abides.

It's just a dream; the dude abides.

For in the big bang of self-awareness, the self abides.

Awareness and self-awareness is original nonduality.

The nonconceptual absolute is self-shining consciousness.

In case of fire, the secret to duality is the power of three.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Consciousness and the Art of Loving

Duality is the root of all disunion. All political action is reaction. Whether you like it or not, love is the only action. But everyone knows it’s impossible to love an other.

If all appears in consciousness, and seriously where else can it appear, then loving consciousness appears to be the wise solution. If there’s nothing else but consciousness, what else is there to love? In other words, consciousness is love.

Thus it’s said that one shall love the consciousness with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind, and thou shalt naturally love all appearances in consciousness as consciousness itself.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Consciousness Now!

Identifying oneself with something as unreliable as memory is quite the nightmare. Better to identify with the real unknown than an artificial one.

This mind remembers things that never even happened, never mind forgetting things that did.

Maps, like myths, are drawn in real time now. Memory alone is not a method of navigation.

Consciousness is the power of now. Don’t be intimidated by good marketing. In the name of the unity of being.

And awareness reflecting in consciousness. And joyful energy of bliss. Like bee, butterfly, and breeze.

Trying to remember everything I’m not becomes exhausting. Note to self: just remember that I am.

Being lost in memory with no Way out, the religion of scientific materialism believes in no way, period.

Paranoia is the ghost of old belief. Seeing through each feeling is like experiencing the waves at Salisbury Beach in 1959.

Who are you when you’re not thinking? Like “what’s wrong with right now if you don’t think about it?”

Remember to self-remember with a mantra each and every morning and whenever you remember through the day. Right Guard.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Dream Journals of Consciousness

The dream state begins with deep sleep and deepens into thoughts, first, and then thought-forms.

In fact, the dream state goes so deep, the deepest dreaming state is dreamt to be the waking state.

So please listen up folks, dream states can’t be killed. Dream states must be seen through. 

Of course, a dream state cannot do the seeing through–only consciousness does. This is a law of being.

For in this very dream song, consciousness is either dreaming heavy or lucidly dreaming. Choose one.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Consciousness the Movie

It appears consciousness is conditioned but consciousness is unconditional.

On the surface, there appears to be emotional disturbances,

but these are weather-like. You don’t need a weather person.

In the depths there appear to be ancient sea monsters. Look, they’re imaginary!

Watch it like you’d watch a midnight movie. Let’s do the time warp again.

You’re not the movie; you’re the movie watcher. Drink your bliss and eat your popcorn.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Consciousness Directive

To begin at the beginning is to begin at consciousness without any preconception but I am.

From this immaculate concept is born all concepts including the concept of birth.

Thus the myth of reflexive self-awareness begins in I am and ends in I am.

In-between is that mirror called the universe. In other words, I am that I am.

This is all that being does. This is the extent of self-awareness.

Since self-awareness is the domain of absolute awareness, just wait here.

The Consciousness Statement

When it comes to all the great questions,

scientific materialism offers theories for others to disprove.

Even I know science doesn’t work that way.

For example, take the question of immortality.

A good materialist will say, immortality has never been proven.

But the fact is death lacks proof. Or birth, for that matter.

In other words, note to self, stop approaching inquiry from

this false perspective of religious materialism,

and see being as it is.

Don’t waste my breath on western unreality.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Consciousness Dissertation

People don’t have consciousness. Consciousness has people.

On the other hand, the absolute has consciousness.

So as the personal usurps the absolute, it must lay claim to consciousness.

Every religion does this in its own way; scientifical materialism

theorizes consciousness is a product of its brainy material.

Although it cannot prove its theory, the faithful buy and fund it.

At best, the central nervous system of a human being

amplifies natural awareness reflecting in consciousness

to self-awareness. That’s as good a myth as any.


thoughts appear in consciousness like dreams in deep sleep.

thought-forms appear in thought like manifestation appears within the dream-state.

self-shining consciousness is to the absolute as the deep sleep of a sun is to potentiality of its black hole.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Consciousness Papers

Consciousness does not appear from anything material.

Everything material appears in consciousness.

This is the single-most important observation to recognize and deeply understand.

For one conditioned in this western world of scientific materialism,

it is the great turning.

Therefore, all further knowledge rests in consciousness

and not any scientific observation of the universe

including its brain.

This is the foundation of actual meditation

or consciousness talking to consciousness.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

turned up to the power of seven

Memory is dead knowledge. Consciousness is the download. Instant DNA is shining on. 

Key knowledge unlocks the known. On the other side of the lockless lock is the great unknown. Like the lockless monster, no picture does me justice.

Blue triangle, white rectangle, black stripe, white stripe, black stripe, white stripe, golden rhombus,

a conclave of cardinals electing an oriole, wild turkeys, red squirrels, and eastern coyotes.

Self-shining consciousness is black-wholed awareness. No form, no null set, and no idea. Like evolution, the empire is there for you.

The power of three is my triple alliance—affirmation, deconstruction, and the ground of unanimity.

Self-awareness is like the power of three turned up to the power of seven.


untitled footnote

as soon as you're born, they feed you with resurrection.

they think they were born so they tell me i was born but who are they?

like tell me something i don't know.

math, geometry, and color is the universal language for that which can't be named.

ballad for my emily

evolution is here and now; don't buy the science—

materialism is the newest religion of a very old empire

(there always is but one invisible body—its universal name is consciousness)

and the modern sacrifice is called disease.

the new haiku

every empire has its religion.

every revolution has its new religion.

every folk religion is the truth gone underground.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

this spring sonnet is temporarily appearing in consciousness

May is the month of dead flowers

as well as newborn ones.

Already the forsythia has disappeared,

the cherry blossoms all is fallen,

lilacs are turning fragrantly brown,

and all the dandelion is gone to seed.

Temporary flowers cannot stay

the great transformation.

The May-November romance is

actually April-May.

Every second is a season

appearing or disappearing

in constant consciousness—

I am the dragon and not my flames.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

May Self-awareness Be With

An oriole is talking in syllabic windwood.

Motorboats are moaning on the brighter river.

We’re on the higher side of Maytime.

There’s a silver filament of consciousness

in every green or orange thing.

And every darkening form is like the ashes of its knowledge.

Like a black light rising to meet the sunlight,

this psychedelic song of self-awareness is just beginning.

Let this world of ashes fall as it may. The past will be the past.

The tree frogs are making their cameo appearance.

Our wetland light is turning the forest canopy on fire.

Ashes to ashes, I am not the ashes.


not experiential exactly. that's just a word. more like inperiential in every way.

there's nothing ex about that.

it's what makes tuition intuition.

consciousness in, transistorizing body-mind, and self-awareness out. 

ouroboric breathing. 

base, collector, gateless gate.

taking my projection personally—there's a concept for you.

"In every event the entire universe is reflected. The ultimate cause is untraceable. The very idea of causation is only a way of thinking and speaking. We cannot imagine, uncaused emergence. This, however, does not prove the existence of causation."

it wasn't a show about nothing but everything is a show.

"Stiff all in the collar, fluffy in the face

Chit chat chatter tryin', stuffy in the place

Thank you for the party but I could never stay

Many things on my mind, words in the way

I want to thank you for lettin' me be myself again"

space-time appears in self-awareness. thank you, thank you very much.

"We're caught in a trap

I can't walk out

Because I love you too much, baby."

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Bodhidharma Summerwall

As consciousness is the ground of mind, understanding is its function.

There’s nothing a body-mind can do but understand, and a body-mind cannot understand. Only consciousness does.

Love is to the manifest as intuition is to the unmanifest. And scene.

I see the first two boats upon the famous river sandbar this afternoon. Soon there will be hundreds.

The Massachusetts jungle is in early leaf. I’ve even heard a tree frog or two.

By the time I turned thirty, I thought my transcendentalism was impractical but I could not tell my therapist exactly why.

My mother was agoraphobic so my therapist prescribes hiking in the White Mountains instead of antidepressants and that makes all the difference in the world.

The first mountain that I hike is Pemigewasset, known to the tourists as Indian Head.

There was no one on the summit but an old man smoking a cigarette and drinking a can of beer.

Peak bagging is just more city nonsense, he says. The hike is not about the summit. It’s all about the wall.

Hiking any respectable mountain is like the tantric act of Bodhidharma’s wallgazing.

By hiking through the wall, the wall is known to be one’s own creation, grasshopper.


there is reality and surreality

there is lucid surreality and occluded surreality (cloudy, partly cloudy, or partly sunny).

if reality is absolute awareness, lucid surreality is self-awareness.

dante says the door to hellfire says abandon hope all ye who enter here. 

julian of norwich says all manner of hell shall be well.

spontaneously is my only addendum

it's not that i am manifesting surreality. of course i am. it's just such manifestation can't be stored in memory. so tonight, i'm making it up as i go.

memory is a pallette and not a painting

it ain't rocket science. enlightenment is self-awareness period

the universe appears in consciousness. consciousness appears in self-awareness.

self-awareness is a feature and not an appearance.

absolute awareness is self-aware. that is all absolute awareness is.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Summer of Consciousness

The forty days of first midsummer begins today.

Here the lilacs are just a day or two away from full bloom.

Walking along the early river today—the docks are in but the boats are not.

It looks like a great rebirth but nothing dies in winter. It just sleeps.

What dreams do oak trees dream? My dreams are not reborn.

Something happens in the frog pond and I am.

The rest is just conditioning, epiphany, and deconstruction.


variations in mizu no oto

"""I have had a dream past the wit of man to say what dream it was."""

"""O powerful western fallen star!

O shades of night—O moody, tearful night!

O great star disappear’d—O the black murk that hides the star!

O cruel hands that hold me powerless—O helpless soul of me!

O harsh surrounding cloud that will not free my soul."""

"""Sittin' in the mornin' sun

I'll be sittin' when the evenin' come

Watching the ships roll in

And then I watch 'em roll away again, yeah

I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay

Watching the tide roll away

Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay

Wastin' time"""

"""But not so with the skunk-cabbage. Its withered leaves fall and are transfixed by a rising bud. Winter and death are ignored; the circle of life is complete. Are these false prophets?"""

~shakespeare, whitman, redding, & thoreau

"""in the end, the causes for

a crow's caw are endless

—the universe is the cause and

the universe its result—

thus crow caws

the causelessness of crow"""

"""Into the ancient pond

A frog jumps

Water’s sound!"""

"""old pond

frog leaping


"gene pool


the water of sound"

"""One could also see the virgin birth as an awakening of what has been there all along. I have made much of this point in my theory, in the idea of the arc and the turn, and have applied it to all life. For example, the seed falls to the ground..."""

~rivers, basho (tr-suzuki), basho (tr-corman), basho (tr-rivers), young

"furu ike ya

kawazu tobikomu

mizu no oto


Monday, May 10, 2021

The Missionary Statement

Truth devolves into religion. It’s part of evolutionary self-awareness. Let it be.

The universe of reflexive self-awareness must hit bottom, both physically and psychologically.

Belief is all about ends justifying means, be it either for ego or god. Every missionary serves its empire of belief.

Advaita Vedanta since Shankara has been as much a true religion as any fundamental Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Scientific you.

The world is their convenient fiction. Meta-myth is mine.

Consciousness is burning through these eyes.

I am the consciousness burning through these eyes.

My Self-awareness is the I am consciousness burning through these eyes.

Self-shining consciousness is brahman, brah.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Purple Amness

All words are metaphors. All metaphors are pointing to

the nameless. Believing any particular metaphor to be wrong

is just as foolish as the fool and holy finger. No metaphor is right.

Consciousness is like that hot dense state in the big bang theory

but experientially it feels like deep sleep feels.

Like that purple color in-between byzantium or plum.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Never Not Self-Shining Consciousness

There is consciousness and states of unenlightened, or occluded, consciousness. There are no higher states of consciousness.

There is light and filtered light of every color under the sun. Color is never not light.

Deconstruction is like seeing through the colors. Meditation is like being light.

Thoughts are very colorful. Getting caught in a thought is the rabbit hole of belief. Baby I’m a maze!

One is never not one self. One forgets oneself remembering memory as oneself.

Of course, I’m not a memory, but who am I? If not the known, the unknown.

a sonnet of notes

six footnotes

1. space-time is the first state of unenlightened consciousness. the mandukya calls this state, deep sleep.

2. light is like love and the filter is belief. emotion is the color. rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

3. see through daytime. be the light.

4. if one attaches to a thought, the thought projects itself to no end.

5. the lower-case self is the antiself.

6. real slow. memory is another name for forgetting. forgetting memory is another name for remembering myself. spontaneous self-awareness.

eight end notes

fear is the known. the unknown is fearless.

social conditioning is a horror show.

social media is psychological warfare.

belief is the dreamstate virus.

all religions, i.e. beliefs, including scientific materialism, lead to some dead end.

consciousness is neither dead nor alive.

self-shining consciousness is natural awareness. and ananda.

return of satcitananda!


one cure for hiccups is to breathe in as deep as possible and then to release the breath as slow as possible.

part one is mind training. part two is embodiment.

spacetime is emptiness, emptiness is spacetime.

i'm the world's worst hypochondriac.

sooner or later, i know better.

sooner or later, i'll have an alibi. or some new alias.

breathe. this is the last resort. paradise!

take no sides prisoner.

projection is the natural course of events.

it's always something you ate.

people don't eat belief. people eat true believers. political science 101.

thank you aunt einah.

consciousness asleep is psychosomatic.

cause is effect, effect is cause.

cause and effect appears in that pause between breaths.

i used to be a good speller. i'm younger than that now.

Buy me a flute and a gun that shoots

Tailgates and substitutes

Strap yourself to a tree with roots

You ain't goin' nowhere

~Bob Dylan

in the name ot unity, bodhi, and bliss.

power up! or whatever metaphor floats your boat.

i - t = i

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Mind Dreams

If the world is physical and dreaming is mental, deep sleep is the immaculate conception.

The big bang happens every morning like clockwork, or groundhog day. Every man a king, every day a universe.

The immaculate conception is spacetime without thought or thought-forms. This is blowing my mind:

as thought, of course, must come before a thought-form, the dreaming state actually precedes the waking state

and not vice versa as you think. Spacetime, dreamtime, daytime–it’s the downwards vector of this reflexive universe.

In other words, dreams should foretell. They only don’t because yesterday’s universe wasn’t dropped at bedtime.

Sneak preview: lucid dreaming comes after daytime. Lucid dreaming isn't what one thinks. But that which one loves.


a process of footnotes

1. spacetime is subatomic.

2. memory is karma.

3. the unborn being born is basically the big bang.

4. the unborn being born is the definition of a dream.

5. in this way, dreamtime is obviously aboriginal.

6. lucid dreaming is seeing through memory.

lucid dreaming is to dreamtime as meditating self-shining consciousness or rigpa is to spacetime.



all religions mean well.

but all is well already.

beyond dreamtime is lucidtime.

beyond spacetime is meditation.

beyond awareness is self-awareness.


deconstruction is the anti-form of lucid dreaming.

i love that every word is defined by more words.

spacetime. dreamtime. daytime. turiya.

spacetime. dreamtime. daytime. beyond spacetime, dreamtime, daytime. turiya.

i love my swiss knife.

awareness. spacetime. dreamtime. daytime. lucid loving deconstruction. intuition, contemplation, meditation. self-awareness.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Heart of Electric Nonduality

Self-shining consciousness is natural awareness. This is the heart of electric nonduality.

Don’t let the nouns get in the way of experiential adjectives.

Pay attention to your crown chakra. That’s actually your third eye. Now downloading.

There’s nothing you can do but let it happen if you need to sing along.

Just because it’s nonconceptual doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel like something.

the four footnotes of the heart of electric nonduality

jake, it's ananda

i play in a power trio

with sat and cit

i play lead guitar

we call ourselves electric nonduality

scientific materialism is all greek and roman but no ananda

call me son ananda

ananda is not conceptual. it will blow your mind.

in the world, ananda is experienced as unconditional love

i was fortunate enough to have a daughter

third eye, first eye

atman is brahman

is disbelief

son rivers has been a son ananda production.

feeling is the new listening.

the mind uses the body to send messages to itself.

consciousness uses the mind for self-awareness.

feeling is not a sixth sense. it is the first.

losing touch with intuition is the tragedy of hamlet.

ananda, ananda, ananda.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Seeing Through the Looking Mind

There are non-conceptual peepers in the Massachusetts wetlands tonight.

Non-conceptual experience is needed for the mind to do its work.

This mirroring myself is taking a spacetime of sleeping, dreaming, and awakening.

Don’t throw away the baby with the bathwater.

Don’t throw away the mind with the world.

As it is above, self-awareness is below.

Quantum science and physical science are united in a universe of reflexive self-awareness.

It’s perfectly well to think all is not well.

This is where Arrested Development contradicts appearances and says that all is well.

One comes to non-conceptual self-awareness through samsara.

Friday, April 23, 2021

On Best English Translations of The Upanishads

"In the whole world there is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of the Upanishads. It has been the solace of my life, it will be the solace of my death." ~Arthur Schopenhauer

"As we study the philosophy of the Upanishads, the impression grows on us that the attainment of this path is not exactly the simplest of tasks. Our Western superciliousness in the face of these Indian insights is a mark of our barbarian nature, which has not the remotest inkling of their extraordinary depth and astonishing psychological accuracy." ~Carl Jung 

"The only solution to this conflict insofar as any is available to us at all lies in the ancient wisdom of the Upanishad." ~Erwin Schrödinger

I am writing this for you and me. I wish to reread the Upanishads again. The last time I did so was in 2013. In doing the research this time around on the various translations available, I thought I'd place the results here so I can remember what I discovered and so others will have a starting point for their own research. For this post, I am dividing the translations into Missionary, Poetic, and Academic.


Here's the thing about translations of The Upanishads one has to consider when it comes to many of them: they are missionary documents. They are meant to spread the word. You shall know them by their Swami. This is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, but it is a fact. 

The best-sellers include Swami Prabhavanada (with Frederick Manchester). Prabhavanada was a monk of the Ramakrishna Order who founded the Vedanta Society of Southern California in 1930. The Upanishads: Breath from the Eternal includes Isha, Kena, Katha, Prasna, Mundaka, Mandukya, Taiittiriya (selected), Aitreya, Chandogya (selected), Brihadaranyaka (selected), Swetasvatara, Kaivalya. Small paperback. Also available in different formats including Kindle.

There is also Swami Nikhilananda who founded the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center of New York, a branch of Ramakrishna Mission, which comes under the umbrella of Ramakrishna Order. The Upanishads in 4 volumes. General Introduction. Introduction to each Upanishad. Notes included within text. Volume 1 includes Katha, Isa, Kena, and Mundaka. Volume 2 includes Svetasvatara, Prasna, and Mandukya. Volume 3 includes Aitareya and Brihadaranyaka. Volume 4 includes Taittiriya and Chhandogya. Hardcovers. Also an abridged one-volume, The Principal Upanishads, hardcover or paperback is available.

And there is Swami Gambhirananda who was the 11th President of the Ramakrishna Mission. Eight Upanishads, with the Commentary of Sankaracarya. In 2 volumes. Each verse has the Devanagri Sanskrit, with English translation and commentary, with further commentary by Sankaracarya. Also included is an Index to texts in Devanagri Sanskrit. Volume One covers the Isa, Kena, Katha, and Taittiriya. Volume Two covers the Aitareya, Mundaka, Mandukya, Karika. Individual volumes are available at a reasonable cost. Two volume set is also available in Kindle.

I like to consider these three translations Ramakrishna LA, New York, and India. The LA is like a story or screenplay assisted by the writer-journalist. The New York is more intellectual with footnotes. And the India includes Devangiri Sanskrit and commentary by their saint Shankara.

On a different path, there is Swami Chinmayananda who helped found Chinmaya Mission. He is noted for his spiritual commentaries. Because of this, his translations have been published as individual volumes. They include: Mandukya Upanisad with Gaudapada's Karikaka (the Kārikā is a concise explanation, in verse form of the doctrines in Mandukya Upanishad, the earliest extant systematic treatise on Advaita Vedānta); Aitareya Upanishad; Taittiriya Upanisad; Isavasya Upanisad as well as others. Includes Sanskrit, Devanagari, and word-for word translation on some, if not all. Some, if not all, are available on Kindle for lesser price.

Another holy man is Sri Aurobindo who helped found Aurobindo Ashram whose mission involved the Life Divine application of Integral Yoga. Aurobindo's The Upanishads is a collection of Sri Aurobindo's final translations of and commentaries on every Upanishad or other Vedantic text he worked on. There is also a small voulume on the Isha Upanishad with translation, commentary and original text. Furthermore, there is a very inexpensive Kindle edition of his final translations of and commentaries on the Isha and Kena, his final translations of the Mundaka and Katha Upanishads, and a commentary on part of the Taittiriya Upanishad.

Even the recent more academic translation by Vernon Katz (doctorate from Oxford University) and Thomas Egenes (doctorate from the University of Virginia) is inspired by their work with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation. It may be unfair classifying them here but I do not see this as academic.

Sivananda Saraswati was the founder of the Divine Life Society. The ten upanishads covered in this book are Yogasara, Vedantasara, Siva-jnanamitra, Advaitamrita, Svarupabodha, Brahmarahasya, Brahmanubhava, Vicharabindu, Jyotirbindu and Anadabindu. Also commentary.

Finally in this grouping, there is Radhakrishnan, not a spiritual leader per se, but a strong defender of Hinduism and the second President of India. The book includes Sanskrit originals, verse by verse commentaries and English translations of some of the main Upanisads. The book has 2 Appendices, which give the perspectives of Edmond Holmes and Rabindranath Tagore on the Upanisads.


All of these translations have their excellent qualities but their biases as well. I have not read all of them and do not know Sanskrit so judging them is impossible in the end. I have sampled many of them though, especially when attempting my own transcreation of the Kena. I found many to be subservient to Shankara's interpretation, who was THE holy man of Advaita Vedanta in the 8th century. But I walked away feeling Aurobindo's may be the most honest attempt at a independent translation.

Still there's something for everyone here. Prabhavanada has the unencumbered stories. Nikhilananda has the notes. Gambhirananda has Shankara's commentaries. Chinmayananda offers the Mandukya Upanisad with Gaudapada's Karikaka. Aurobindo has a more independent and intellectual approach. Katz and Egenses have a the transcendental meditator's point of view with contemporary language. Sivananda offers some unusual translations. Radhakrishnan has a public figure's viewpoint.


I did not include Eknath Easwaran in the previous category but maybe should have since he founded the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation and Nilgiri Press, based in northern California  But his translation feels to be more a poetic attempt though. And he deals with abridgment.

Then there's W.B. Yeats' poetic prose rendition. Yet even that was translated with Shri Purohit Swami, disciple of Bhagwan Shri Hamsa. Yeats knew of the Upanishads from his long-time theosphist friend, George William Russell and wished to understand them better. Upon meeting Shri Purohit Swami he proposed that the two of them of them translate the ancient text as though the original was written in common English.

Another poetic version is by Alan Jacobs, the poet not the critic, and chairman of the Ramona Maharshi Foundation in the UK. This was the first copy I read. With joy. It's a free verse transcreation/translation abridgment with commentary.


Max Muller’s 1879/1884 versions, volume 1 & 15 of the Sacred Books of The East, were the first full English translations of the main Upanishads. 19th century scholar. Maybe a bit Victorian in its language.

Robert Ernest Hume published his Thirteen Principal Upanishads in 1921. He too was a missionary, but a Christian one. Yale PhD.

Two 21st century translations include Patrick Olivelle (pub. Oxford, actually 1996 but close enough). Olivelle was the Chair, Department of Asian Studies, and Director, Center for Asian Studies, at the University of Texas at Austin, and Professor of Sanskrit and Indian Religion. His translation includes an extensive bibliography and end notes. 

And the other is by Valerie Roebuck (pub Penguin).  Also introduction and end notes. Valerie Roebuck is a Buddhist, practicing and teaching meditation in the Samatha tradition. She is an honorary research fellow of the University of Manchester.


I have this theory on translations. It's based on triangulation. or trilateration. It's not as scientific, but it involves reading and comparing 3 respected translations, if available, and understanding the actual gist is somewhere in the middle.

So in this respect, I want to look at 1 missionary, 1 poetic, and 1 academic. Olivelle will be my academic. Yeats will be my poetic. I have the Prabhavananda and Gambhirananda (as well as the Jacobs) from my last excursion to this territory in 2013, but I'm thinking the Nikhilananda may be the one now.

Appendix 1. The Mandukya Upanishad.

As previously mentioned, the Mandukya Upanishad is considered the earliest extant systematic treatise on Advaita Vedanta, and Gaudapada's Karikaka a concise explanation of the Madukya in verse form. Besides Chinmayananda's translation, Mandukya Upanisad with Gaudapada's Karikaka, mentioned above there are three other stand-alone versions worth mentioning here. There's Gambhirananda's Mandukya Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya, which is included in the 2nd volume of his Eight Upanishads, There is a combination of these two by Nikhilananda: Mandukya Upanishad With Gaudapada's Karika and Shankara's Commentary. And there is the Mandukya Upanishad and Gaudapada's Karika by James Swartz, an American disciple of Chinmayananda.

Appendix 2. The Bargain Basement.

These are some worldly bargains considering infinity. Some of these may be available someplace else at similarly low prices. I will try to keep this current.

The Ten Principal Upanishads by Yeats is $2.00 on Kindle.


Aurobindo's final translations of and commentaries on the Isha and Kena, his final translations of the Mundaka and Katha Upanishads, and a commentary on part of the Taittiriya Upanishad. This is $2.99 on Kindle.

As for paperbacks, the Prabhavanada is $6.95 for mass maket pb.

And Olivelle's Oxford 512 page state-of-academic-study paperback is $8.97.

Considering the foundational importance of the literature, the variety of the types of translation available, the combination of media, and the quality of the work involved, that's not a bad collection for under $21.