Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Mapping Self-Awareness

A funny thing happens on the way to self-awareness. This axe of thought begins to think that it's the hand which wields it.

This fall of intentional tool to chaotic weapon is comic from the point of view of the hand of the heart but tragic as seen through the eye of the weapon.

Separation is the weapon. Division is the ammunition. The universe is the target. Compassion is the witness. Love is acting for the defense. There's nothing wrong with the tool. 

Primordial conditioning sharpens it. Self-awareness requires a razor's edge. That the mind is conditioned from the big beginning to usurp the absolute proves its innocence.

Divine imagination is the mythical map of kundalini thunder emanating from the mystical lightning of the absolute black whole.


I like dreaming. I love waking up.

Consciousness is the only knowledge. Only the unknown knows this.

There is no self-awareness without the molecular structure of pink cadillac granite.

Mind and no mind. Manifest and unmanifest. Knowledge and knowing.

The power of three. Positive, negative, and neutral. Love, compassion, and forgiveness.

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