Saturday, September 26, 2020

2020 Happening

You know the universe is one but still pretend there’s multiplicity because we are addicted to the other. Knowing there is only one is not a thought to be believed in some philosophy or god forbid religion but experiential only. For the self so loved this self-awareness that it sent its being into matter to be resurrected.

Although legitimate experience records the happening into memory, the happening does not originate in memory. The happening in memory turns into thought. The happening is not a thought. There are no words for Tao. Being was happening before memory built its empire and being is still happening now.

In this feature, self-awareness is happening. What’s happening in the Buddha over there? I remember when Monument Valley was the playground of the gods. Turning attention from memory for a moment and resting it on the infinite eternity of being is like self-awareness. I am sitting in Death Valley. I am standing in the Garden of the Gods.

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